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TBN Ranch is a private hobby farm nestled in the foothills of a five hundred acre mountain range in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert.

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A Few Tips on Chicken Keeping in VERY Hot Weather

Phoenix, Arizona

Are you prepared for a summer day that might threaten your flock? Don’t wait until it’s too late, here’s a few tips to help you prepare.

The coming week looks like it will keep me busy trying to keep my hens comfortable alive.

Am I worried? Nope… we are prepared and ready to beat the heat.

Partly CloudyTues 111 High 87 Low

Partly CloudyWed 116 High 91 Low

Tools of Preparation:

√ Fan
√ Mist System on low
√ Ice Cubes to keep their water cold
√ Shallow pan with 1 inch of water for them to stand in
√ Shade Cloth, lots!


Remember, confined birds are more at risk than free roaming.  Keep a close eye on your flock, watch for panting, holding their wings out from their body, lethargic behavior, or acting as though they are disoriented.  Flood an area for them, let them scratch around in mud, playing in water is a life saver!

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Breed of the Week: Silkie

Originally posted on Jim Vyse Arks Chicken Chat:

This week we’re looking at the cute and cuddly Silkie – the bird with black skin!

Silkie Chickens

Silkie Chickens

This ornamental breed of chicken is one of the most popular both as show birds and as pets. Their black skin and bones make them unique in the chicken world and their fluffy plumage really makes them an attractive addition to any garden, orchard, or outdoor space.

As well as the unusual skin colouration Silkies also have blue earlobes and five toes on their feet instead of the usual four. They are usually calm, docile, and easy to tame which is why they make good birds to exhibit or keep as pets, especially for children.

Silkies generally begin to lay eggs around Christmas time and will stop laying all together over the summer months. They aren’t known for their egg laying abilities but are famed for their mothering skills so if you’re…

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Silkie Bantams Move to Finished Hen House

Yesterday morning was cloudy and only 89 at 7AM. I took full advantage of this somewhat cooler weather and informed my hens it was moving day. For a month I’ve grabbed an hour here and there trying to set up the new chicken enclosure. Unfortunately, what should have been a one or two day job, turned into a lengthy and grueling event, thanks to the scorching sun threatening to fry me to a crisp.

By 10AM, still no sun, but a toasty 97 degrees. Inspite of working in an oven, the Silkie ladies were moved. The drinkers filled, feeders full to the brim, and everything for their care was conveniently placed in the feed area of the barn.  Ahhh… no more worries, shade all day, 100% protection from the rain we might someday get, and convenient utility sources too.  Life is good!

Here it is, new chicken house!

Chicken Coop 7-2014

This cool little man-made shady space is adjacent to the hen house. It’s been created for feed, supplies, and my morning coffee place.  As you can see from the before and after pics, it’s was quite an ordeal to make it what it is.

High noon, 106, blaring sun…
Finished turning the old hen house into the coop where my broody moms to be will hatch and raise their chicks.

Although I was worn to a frazzle, most likely dehydrated, and probably near a heat stroke, it’s all done.  Happy chickens, happy me.

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