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TBN Ranch is a private hobby farm nestled in the foothills of a five hundred acre mountain range in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert.

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Phoenix Braces for Another Storm

Only 1 week after Phoenix made national news for it’s record breaking rainfall, we are faced once again with another storm as hurricane Odile heads our way. Oh no!

storm 9-16-14

 Here’s the Story /

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Keep Your Rooster Quiet, Here’s How


Available at My Pet Chicken

This may be the answer to a common problem for chicken keepers who aren’t allowed by city ordinances to have a rooster.

Wearing this collar, a rooster may be no louder than a hen.  Learn more…

Petsmart logo

Today through Sept 21st buy one dog bed and get the second at 50% off! Link for offer at amy elizabeth’s Country Homestead.

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Animal Rights Group Target My Pet Chicken… Oh Brother!

Before you read this disturbing attack on the safe shipping of day old chicks by the nut cakes who are circulating a petition against My Pet Chicken… I’ve been ordering chicks from My Pet Chicken for years with a 100% survival rate upon arrival every time.

my pet chickenFrom the My Pet Chicken Blog

We have recently been the target of a petition started by a vegan animal rights activist which denounces the shipping of baby chicks. It’s time to bring you all into the loop.  The following petition has received more than 71,000 signatures to date:

Be careful what you wish for: the petition that harms chickens

This Silkie Bantam is one of five that arrived perfectly healthy from My Pet Chicken last Sept. In the shipping container was clean bedding and a heat block that was still warm.

Note: Did you know day old chicks ingest the yolk when they hatch and don’t need any food or water for up to three days?

Silkie 10-27-13

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New Shed Row Barn at TBN Ranch

This gallery contains 3 photos.

The barn for my chickens is finally done! They are moved in and today’s full basket of egga tells me they’re happy hens! Setting up the broody pen tomorrow and hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have somebody feeling … Continue reading

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