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TBN Ranch is a private hobby farm nestled in the foothills of a five hundred acre mountain range in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix, Arizona.

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First Time Broody

Tulip is one of three 7.5 month old Silkies that has gone broody for the first time. There are four Silkies total, but one hasn’t shown any interest in motherhood at all. Of the three pullets, two stayed broody for only a week and left the nest. But Tulip has dedicated herself for 18 days now. Next time she’s broody I’ll put fertile eggs under her, and let her be useful while she’s busy not laying eggs.

So far, Tulip has been a good broody pullet. Not one of those scary hens who never seem to leave the nest to eat or drink. She comes out to scratch in the dirt, peck around in the feeder, drink, and back she goes to the nest. I like that!

Broody Tulip 4-18-14

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Finding Comfort

Eddy has his own opinion about that…

Eddy with Rifle 4-14-14Finding

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The Incredible Edible Egg

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Originally posted on Pineapples on Trees:
With so many farms in the Triad offering fresh eggs, eggs certainly  deserve their own post. They’re delicious, versatile, and a fairly affordable protein source, but the options and opinions can be overwhelming and…

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The City is Moving In

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Yesterday I received notice of a zoning hearing pertaining to the development of a Master Planned Housing Community DIRECTLY across the street from TBN Ranch. This is what I won’t see anymore when it becomes a Multifamily Residential District of … Continue reading

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