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The Essential Quarantine

An Important, but Often Underestimated Part of Raising Chickens
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Many who raise chickens are unaware of what many risks there are in bringing new birds into a flock. New birds could be carrying anything from mites or lice to disease, and in many cases, the cure is not so simple. A quarantine period when bringing new birds onto your property can lower the risk of you unknowingly infecting your birds with something nasty, and it’s recommended that everyone invest the time into performing a quarantine for new birds…  Read More


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Look What I Found!

Brand new super nice chicken coop on Craigslist…  and now it’s mine. :)

It’s pretty bare bones, but it will be in a fully covered partially enclosed shed row barn so it should fair well.  I’ll be using it for my mamma hens and hatch-a-longs.  If that doesn’t happen, like this year, it’s perfect for chicks just out of the brooder at around 6 weeks old.

My biggest MUST HAVE with any coop is that it will keep wild birds out. Chickens are inexpensive to feed, but when wild birds have access to the feed, triple the bill. The second MUST HAVE is kick boards, I can’t stand bedding spilling out all over the place.

Looks like this coop fits my criteria perfectly!

CL Coop Daniel 2 CL Coop Daniel

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Bedtime Snack Before Bed

Every day at dusk the girls wait for me to bring them a snack before they retire to their hen house for the night. Hard to see them, but you’re not missing much, they’re all *molting and look a little rough around the edges!

This is their first molt, perfect timing too, they should all be feathered just in time for the winter months.

Silkie Coop 9-23-14

Silkie Coop 2  9-23-14

Unfortunately, with all the commotion from the storm damage, rebuilding the barn and moving the flocks so many times, it looks like I’ll miss my breeding season.  I counted on four Silkie hens to be broody right now… and they aren’t.  The transition has been stressful and they must not feel settled enough to get back in the swing of things.

I’m already looking for specific bantam chicks locally, so far no luck, and the online hatcheries are all sold out of the hard to find breeds I’m looking for.  I still have a month though, haven’t given up yet.

This Year’s Chick Wish List

Japanese Bantam
Mille Fleur d’Uccle Bantam

*Molt: Each year chickens molt, or lose the older feathers, and grow new ones.




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