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Brinsea mini advance incubator hatching photos

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Originally posted on My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks:
The first time I used my incubator, I had a complete failure (problem was with the eggs, not the incubator). This time I had five eggs hatch out of six. When I got…

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Help for Determining the Sex of Silkie Bantams

amy elizabeth 4-2014It’s difficult, but not totally impossible to determine the sex of a Silkie. There are signs that can help you long before the first egg or crow of a rooster. Behavior and size can be a good indication of sex.

Roosters are often more bold, have that sturdy or stronger look, and sometimes they are larger. These are noticeable traits, even when chicks are still in the brooder.  Look for brighter, or sharper distinction of color in birds of the same when they reach 8 or 9 weeks. Rooster seem to stand out more, dazzling you with a little wow factor.

These Silkies are all just under 3 months old, 2 white, 2 buff. The white Silkie pictured below is  probably a Rooster. He is much larger, and has been at the top of the pecking order since the second week of life. The size between pic 1 and 2 is obvious, recognizing behavior traits is something you’ll notice by watching your own birds.

Pic 1: (Jo)  Probably a Rooster

Jo, Silkie 12-17-14

Pic 2: (Pat) Probably a Pullet

Pat, Silkie 12-17-14

Pic 3: Front, (Fanny) Probably a Rooster. Rear, (Randi) Probably a Pullet

Fanny 2 Silkie 12-17-14

All we really can do is learn behavior traits of roosters and recognize indications such as size. But I must admit, I’ve been absolutely positive on having a Silkie rooster… and been surprised 6 months later when it laid an egg.  Gotta love those Silkie Bantams!

FYI: Most, if not all hatcheries sell only straight-run (unsexed) Silkie Bantams except My Pet Chicken. They offer sexed female Silkie chicks at a higher price. They also will ship only a few. They did a good job sexing five female Silkies for me, 4 out of 5 were indeed females.
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How To Vaccinate Poultry Chicks For Marek’s Disease | Backyard Poultry Magazine

amy elizabeth

If you’re hatching your own chicks you’ll want to give them a healthy start by vaccinating them. But how? This article will show you how it’s done with easy step by step illustrations.

Note: Vaccines are available online, example: OK Vet Supply

How To Vaccinate Poultry Chicks For Marek’s Disease

Laura Haggarty
District 5 Director American Bantam Association Williamstown, Kentucky.

Marek’s disease is very prevalent everywhere there is poultry, and if your chickens catch it there is no cure. If you order your chicks from a hatchery… Read Article


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A Colorful Statement

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California’s storm made it’s way to Phoenix yesterday, a few showers and a perfect sky gave the McDowell Mountains their moment of glory.  I see this mountain every day from my front porch, sadly taking it’s substantial existence for granted.  … Continue reading

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Premium Chicken Coop Kit

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Looking for a DIY chicken coop kit? Check this out… The Walk-In Round-Top Chicken Coop™ gives you room for up to 20 hens in a full standing height premium quality design that ships to your door. It ships in kit … Continue reading

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Finding Purpose

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Took me all morning, and although my back didn’t cooperate one bit, I still managed to groom Travis, our new little rescue dog for Christmas. Isn’t he cute! You might be thinking I’m lucky not having to pay a groomer. … Continue reading

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