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Welcome to the TBN Ranch blog, an informative resource site for fellow backyard chicken keepers.
We are a hobby farm dedicated to raising a variety of standard and bantam chickens in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Articles 2The primary reason for keeping chickens varies from household to household. But for most, keeping a few backyard hens for a daily supply of fresh eggs is preferred over raising meat birds.

Maybe you’re looking for bug and weed control, or having your very own fertilizer machine for your garden. Whatever your reason, we are here to help you prepare, problem solve, and most importantly, to expect the unexpected with ease.

Resources 2Before you join the trendy circle of urban chicken keepers, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with what this responsibility actually entails.

There are a few basics to learn before you get started, research is always your best tool for success…. and there’s an array of information right here to help you in your successful pursuit.

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How Old is the Average Supermarket Egg?

How-old-are-these-eggsby Fresh Eggs Daily

Q: How old are the eggs being sold in the grocery store?
A: It’s just about impossible to tell, but they could be up to 2 months old. Yup, really. Continue Reading

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About Marek’s Disease

All-You-Need-To-Know-About-Marek’s-Disease-Blog-CoverThe Happy Chicken Coop
Marek’s disease is an insidious disease that catches many keepers by surprise. Its effect on your flock can be devastating.

We’ve discussed Marek’s in the past, however there is much mis-information out there, so this article will clarify matters for you and your birds… Continue Reading

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Caring for Chicks | A Collection of Articles by the Experts

Resources 2First time raising chicks? Here’s multiple articles by the experts to help you with your questions, concerns, and set-up guidelines.
Raising chicks can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, learn how to prepare for your chicks arrival so you can enjoy them with ease. 

Caring for chicks by experts

Article Contributors

Tractor Supply Co. •  My Pet Chicken • Mother Earth News • Ideal Poultry • The Chicken Chick • Murray McMurray • Cackle Hatchery • The Old Farmers Almanac • Urban Chickens • Backyard Chickens 

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New Chicken Keeping Articles | January 10, 2016

Articles 2Articles for Chicken Keepers, by Chicken Keepers is an updated weekly collection of chicken keeping articles from across the web archived in one convenient library on our menu bar.
Have an article to submit? Send it to amyichi@yahoo.com with ARTICLE SUBMISSION on the subject line.

January 10, 2016
6 Tools Every Chicken Keeper Needs – Hobby Farms
Why Some Chickens Molt Faster Than Others | Garden Betty
Chicken Breed Focus – Japanese Bantam
How Much Should I Feed My Chickens? | Backyard Poultry Magazine
Chicken Quarters: The Danger In Heating The Chicken Coop – Urban Farm
7 Signs You’re Ready To Raise City Chickens – Urban Farm
7 Ways to Keep Mice and Rats Out of the Coop – Hobby Farms
Why Transylvanian Chickens Have Naked Necks

New to Chicken Keeping?

6 Layer Hens for Beginning Chicken Keepers - Photo courtesy iStock/Thinkstock (HobbyFarms.com)Not where to start with your chicken-keeping endeavor? Turn to one of these reliable egg-laying breeds.
By Cherie Langlois

With a plethora of layer chicken breeds to choose from, you should think carefully about which traits are important to you in a layer flock and do your research before going chicken-wild at the feed store or online hatchery… Continue Reading

What’s New at TBN Ranch

Adding Chickens 2Busy raising baby chicks! Three times since September the brooder has been full of little fuzzy butts. The grow pens are full, and introductions are underway for the juveniles who are ready to join the existing flock. We only keep Silkies and Cochins, usually these extremely docile and friendly birds easily accept new birds with minimal drama. 

It’s been crazy cold here in Phoenix, we are not used to temperatures below 40 and it’s been down in the 30’s at night for weeks. Average temperatures in the day should be averaging 67, not happening this year! Raising chicks in the cold is new territory for me, but with a few modifications to the brooder shed and grow pens, everybody is happy and healthy.

You can make your own waterer heater for use with either metal or plastic waterers. It will cost less than $10, cost pennies to run and you can complete the project in under ten minutes. Hats off to all you chicken keepers in real cold country, I’m dealing with frozen drinkers and I don’t even own a winter coat! It’s been a learning experience to say the least, I have new respect for those who are dedicated to caring for their birds in inclement weather.

I have to say, I’m definitely a fair weather chicken keeper, don’t think I’d be doing this if I lived where there is winter. Everybody always comments on how clean and tidy my farm is… well it’s easy when you’re not freezing to death!

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Etsy Header 2 1415Have a great week!

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Chickens and Frostbite

How-To-Prevent-Frostbite-During-Winter-Blog-CoverDuring these cold winter months, your girls have a lot more to worry about than lack of daylight! One of the biggest problems which can occur is frostbite.

It was Ben Franklin that said ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’. He may not have been talking about chickens at the time, but he was certainly right when it comes to frostbite! Continue Reading

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Backyard Chickens 2016 Calendar

BYC Calendar 2016

Order Today!

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