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A Nest All Her Own

This is Rose, she’s the only hen of the black Silkies that isn’t broody right now. She was laying that egg while I photographed her this morning. For a change, she had first pic of any nest she wanted, all the others were on their own mission…

The rest of the ladies are busy sitting on NOTHING. Regardless, they’ll stay put for the next three weeks as if they had fertile eggs under them… just because that’s what Silkies do!  They’re dedicated to mothering no matter what, even if it’s just pretend.


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The Silkie Chicks a Month Old on Saturday

Growing fast, and feathering nicely, well… except that lovely charmer in the back. She’s just a late bloomer right? Maybe.

Community Flock 3.5 wks old

Community Flock 2 3.5 wks old

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Preparing The Chicken Coop And Garden For Winter

Originally posted on Old World Garden Farms :

As the last of the leaves turn and begin to fall to the ground – one thing is for sure – Winter is just around the corner!

The Chicken Coop is surrounded by snow - but keeping our chickens safely out of the elements.  Needless to say - they want no part of being outside right now.

Winter brings snow, cold and wind to the farm – but with  a few simple preparations to the coop – our chickens stay comfortable.

And with that in mind – we will spend this weekend getting the garden and chicken coop ready for “old man winter’s” arrival in the coming months.

Preparing the Chickens…

One of our most important “winterizing” chores is preparing our coop to handle the cold and windy temperatures we can face here in Ohio.

The key to keeping the chickens healthy through the cold winter months is really quite simple.  Chickens are bothered more by damp and drafty conditions than the actual cold temperatures of winter – and if you can keep the coop dry and free of chilling…

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World Series Dog Wear!

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giants kc collar

Get involved and have even more fun including the fur kids!

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