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TBN Ranch is a private hobby farm nestled in the foothills of a five hundred acre mountain range in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert.

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Keeping Chickens in Summer… Pricey in Phoenix!

Mother nature is testing my chicken keeping skills to the max this week. But in spite  of 114 degree temperatures in the shade without even a hint of a breeze, my hens are all alive and about half are still filling the egg basket! :)
Of course I have a few weapons of defense on my side. A mist system, a giant industrial fan, ice blocks, cold fruit, and last but not least… constant monitoring the flock for signs of distress.

 I’m pretty sure the extra cost of electric and water to keep these birds alive this summer could have bought our family, friends, and neighbors, a lifetime supply of store bought eggs, and then some.  Might be a good idea to not tell my husband the eggs he’s eating cost about $6 each. lol

This adorable wire egg basket with a ceramic topper is available at my Country Homestead store. I love it! Stop by my website, there’s more cool stuff for your feathered and furry pets. We are growing, have new sponsors, and I’m excited to share my new business adventure with my blogging friends. Thanks! :)



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Expsosing Disturbing Practices in a Chicken Factory

This video of a chicken processing factory is not in the U.S. but I have a feeling what you are about to see is not uncommon. The more I learn about where our meat comes from, the less I want to eat it!
Honestly, if an exposed health hazard like this one isn’t enough, the price of meat lately is another good reason to look for alternatives. Think about it, do you really think this is the only processing factory with disturbing practices that threaten our health? Doubt it.

Check out this undercover investigation video… scary.
Sick chicken: what you need to know and what the government won’t tell you.

The Guardian home


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Questions for Bee People!

I hate bees. I know they have a significant importance to our environment, but I wish they would take their vital business somewhere besides my little farm.  Perhaps I don’t understand their existence, maybe if I knew more about them, accepting them wouldn’t be so hard impossible. Today it’s expected to reach 114 degrees, and the bees have taken over the water sources provided for the rabbits, wild birds and chickens.

I’ve scoured the farm searching for the hive, looking up, down and under every shed, barn, tree, even the house… nothing. I don’t know anything about bees, except that they sting, and I’m allergic to them. As far as I’m concerned that’s enough to brand them as the enemy. In their defense, I have to admit these bees aren’t aggressive,  they don’t seem to mind my presence at all.  However, the birds, rabbits, and even the dogs won’t go near the water receptacles when there’s a ton of bees around the rim.

My Questions:

• Where are they coming from?
• Why all the sudden, and what if anything can I do to discourage them?
• If I do find the hive, how do I locate somebody in Phoenix who can remove and relocate the hive?

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A Few Tips on Chicken Keeping in VERY Hot Weather

Phoenix, Arizona

Are you prepared for a summer day that might threaten your flock? Don’t wait until it’s too late, here’s a few tips to help you prepare.

The coming week looks like it will keep me busy trying to keep my hens comfortable alive.

Am I worried? Nope… we are prepared and ready to beat the heat.

Partly CloudyTues 111 High 87 Low

Partly CloudyWed 116 High 91 Low

Tools of Preparation:

√ Fan
√ Mist System on low
√ Ice Cubes to keep their water cold
√ Shallow pan with 1 inch of water for them to stand in
√ Shade Cloth, lots!


Remember, confined birds are more at risk than free roaming.  Keep a close eye on your flock, watch for panting, holding their wings out from their body, lethargic behavior, or acting as though they are disoriented.  Flood an area for them, let them scratch around in mud, playing in water is a life saver!

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