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TBN Ranch is a hobby farm dedicated to raising Silkie Bantam chicks and laying hens.
We’re located in sunny Arizona, nestled in the foothills of a 500 acre mountain range in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert.


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Natural Treatment for Scaly Leg Mites on Chickens | Fresh Eggs Daily®

Source: Fresh Eggs Daily

The scales on the legs of healthy chickens are smooth and lie flat. If you notice the scales on your chicken’s legs starting to peel up, flake or look rough and uneven, she could be suffering from scaly leg mites… Read Article

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Bird Flu Information|How To Protect Your Flock

Bird Flu: 5.3 Million Layers To Be Culled
Jeremy Chartier | Backyard Poultry
April 21, 2015

On April 20, the USDA confirmed the most recent Avian Influenza, or Bird Flu, outbreak in Osceola County, Iowa. This flock marks the largest single flock infection to date, weighing in at a staggering 5.3 million layer hens which will be culled. Until this announcement, the USDA’s death toll numbers were slightly higher than 2.7 Million birds affected by Bird Flu, but now USDA reports a total death toll of 8,002,923, dating back to the December 2014 outbreak in Douglass Oregon… Read Full Article

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Bunny Bites

Bunny Bites 4-19-15

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A Chicken’s Thought in Spring

Baby Bird 4-18-15On a better note…
The cactus gardens are so pretty this time of year in Phoenix!
Spring Garden

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Lookin’ Good!

Super happy with how pretty this gal is turning out. This is my Randi, a 7 month old buff Silkie Bantam. She has managed with respect, to find her comfort zone among the existing flock. She is still banned from the hen house by the others, but Randi is quite content with her own home in an adjoining condo for singles only.

Randi 3 4-17-15

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From Egg to Brooder, When to Move Chicks

Pecking Chicks

Source: Raising Happy Chickens

From egg incubator to brooder / How to move a chick from one to the other safely. Read Article

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5 Tips For Adding Chickens To Your Flock

Source: Backyard Poultry Magazine

Thugs for LifeThis post could also be titled “How to Survive a Turf War” or “Bloods vs. Crips” because adding chickens and combining flocks can be like orchestrating a gang war. It’s potentially bloody, traumatizing to witness, and might make you regret all of your life choices. But it can be done with a minimum of collateral damage if you follow a few rules… Continue Reading

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A Part of Life… is Death


It is hard to accept, but death is a part of life, and here at TBN Ranch we’ve had our share of this sad reality.

 My Father passed away on March 23, 2015.  He was a kind man, wise, proud, successful, and loved by all. We said goodbye just short of his 90th birthday.


Yesterday, after years of health battles, we lost our cat Eddy. He was 10 years old.

Rest in peace little man.

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Feathers and Fur

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Meet Jasmine, she’s raising her babies in my chicken coop. She isn’t afraid of me, and the hens are pretty sure she’s just a goofy looking long-eared chicken. Home is where you’re comfortable, safe, and a place where nobody cares … Continue reading

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