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EHV-1 Outbreak Concerns

 amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch Will it ever end? I know these outbreaks are a concern and rightly so, but the answer is a simple… no.  Equine EHV-1 is not going to go away and either are other Equine diseases, all … Continue reading

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Fantastegg Varieties

Ameraucana, blue-green egg layer Experts believe that all chicken eggs were once brown.  It is thought that white eggs were created by cross-breeding chickens until the eggs became lighter and lighter in color.  However, eggs do indeed come in a … Continue reading

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Pay it Forward Time!

Spread the Word Pets make our world go ’round! It’s just amazing how much our furry friends add to life. I made a point to search out blogs that prove just how true that is and I’d like to share … Continue reading

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Impact of High Hay Prices

• Arizona Horse Rescues listed below. Maybe a rumor, maybe not, but I hear the price of alfalfa could reach $20 a bale next year in Arizona. I paid $14.99 last week and had to dig pretty darn deep to … Continue reading

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One Thing I know

I don’t understand how birds fly, Or why there’s tears when we laugh and cry. Guys lose their hair and there’s no tellin’ when, And what’s the story on beards,  why only men? I wonder why the sad are often … Continue reading

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