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A Creative Chicken Coop is Half the Fun of Having Chickens

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I can sure appreciate the dedication and effort involved to create this coop from scratch.  It’s lovely, creative, and more than suitable to accommodate chickens. Keeping chickens for many is a hobby, it should be just as fun watching them … Continue reading

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Broody Hens, Chicks, and Young Pullets

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A place just for them keeps peace among the flock. Here’s the set-up I have to help keep it all organized. Funny thing about chicken coops, no matter how big we build them, they always end up being too small. … Continue reading

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The Making of an Amazing Chicken Coop

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Interested in how other chicken keepers manage their chickens?  I know I’m constantly looking for ideas on how to make chores easier, better ways to stretch feed bills, bedding choices, and most of all housing. I found this outstanding chicken … Continue reading

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Premium Chicken Coop Kit

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Looking for a DIY chicken coop kit? Check this out… The Walk-In Round-Top Chicken Coop™ gives you room for up to 20 hens in a full standing height premium quality design that ships to your door. It ships in kit … Continue reading

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Look What I Found!

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Brand new super nice chicken coop on Craigslist…  and now it’s mine. :) It’s pretty bare bones, but it will be in a fully covered partially enclosed shed row barn so it should fair well.  I’ll be using it for … Continue reading

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Silkie Bantams Move to Finished Hen House

Yesterday morning was cloudy and only 89 at 7AM. I took full advantage of this somewhat cooler weather and informed my hens it was moving day. For a month I’ve grabbed an hour here and there trying to set up … Continue reading

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Brooder Shed for Silkies and Hatchlings

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Finally! This is my finished brooder shed with a custom built brooder box for my Silkie hens and their hatchlings. The shed is 8×10, it was just a bare bones structure with a window, double doors, and two sidewall vents. … Continue reading

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