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Broody Hens, Chicks, and Young Pullets

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A place just for them keeps peace among the flock. Here’s the set-up I have to help keep it all organized. Funny thing about chicken coops, no matter how big we build them, they always end up being too small. … Continue reading

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The Making of an Amazing Chicken Coop

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Interested in how other chicken keepers manage their chickens?  I know I’m constantly looking for ideas on how to make chores easier, better ways to stretch feed bills, bedding choices, and most of all housing. I found this outstanding chicken … Continue reading

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Premium Chicken Coop Kit

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Looking for a DIY chicken coop kit? Check this out… The Walk-In Round-Top Chicken Coop™ gives you room for up to 20 hens in a full standing height premium quality design that ships to your door. It ships in kit … Continue reading

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Look What I Found!

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Brand new super nice chicken coop on Craigslist…  and now it’s mine. :) It’s pretty bare bones, but it will be in a fully covered partially enclosed shed row barn so it should fair well.  I’ll be using it for … Continue reading

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Silkie Bantams Move to Finished Hen House

Yesterday morning was cloudy and only 89 at 7AM. I took full advantage of this somewhat cooler weather and informed my hens it was moving day. For a month I’ve grabbed an hour here and there trying to set up … Continue reading

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Brooder Shed for Silkies and Hatchlings

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Finally! This is my finished brooder shed with a custom built brooder box for my Silkie hens and their hatchlings. The shed is 8×10, it was just a bare bones structure with a window, double doors, and two sidewall vents. … Continue reading

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Chicken Coop Shed

   There’s a million ideas for chicken coops, but I like to think out of the box a little and be creative. Not a fan of store bought chicken coops, they are often cheaply made and usually a little a … Continue reading

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Creative Hen House, Costco Cedar Dog House

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This is the new summer hen house I set up this week for the girls. I’m hoping it will give them an alternative place to set on eggs when the temperatures soar. It would be great if the hens would … Continue reading

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Today’s Project, a Chicken Coop Roof

I’ve spent the last month getting my chicken coop enclosure just the way I wanted it, but nope, it’s still not right. Today the coop will be stripped naked so a carpenter can put a roof on it.  Oh my. … Continue reading

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