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First Time Butchering a Chicken? Here’s How

Disclaimer: This video contains the butchering of a live chicken. Please keep in mind the graphic nature of the content before watching. How to Butcher a Chicken Part 1 HobbyFarms.com How to Butcher a Chicken Part 2 HobbyFarms.com Visit HobbyFarms.com … Continue reading

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A Chicken Coop Work of Art

Unbelievable! This is without a doubt the most unique chicken house I’ve ever seen. Had to share. Source: Homesteading / Survivalism

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Bedtime Snack Before Bed

Every day at dusk the girls wait for me to bring them a snack before they retire to their hen house for the night. Hard to see them, but you’re not missing much, they’re all *molting and look a little … Continue reading

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Expsosing Disturbing Practices in a Chicken Factory

This video of a chicken processing factory is not in the U.S. but I have a feeling what you are about to see is not uncommon. The more I learn about where our meat comes from, the less I want … Continue reading

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Chaos at the Farm

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Although it’s a billion degrees here, I’ve managed to grab an hour in the wee hours of the mornings to work on the new chicken yard. That isn’t giving me near enough time to finish this project anytime soon, but … Continue reading

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Big News! No-Crow Rooster Collar

Does this mean the semi-urban backyard chicken keeper can finally have a rooster? I don’t know! I’ll be watching for the reviews on this product, hopefully it will be positive. The news of this No Crow Rooster Collar came in … Continue reading

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