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Natural Treatment for Scaly Leg Mites on Chickens | Fresh Eggs Daily®

Source: Fresh Eggs Daily The scales on the legs of healthy chickens are smooth and lie flat. If you notice the scales on your chicken’s legs starting to peel up, flake or look rough and uneven, she could be suffering … Continue reading

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A Chicken’s Thought in Spring

On a better note… The cactus gardens are so pretty this time of year in Phoenix!

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Lookin’ Good!

Super happy with how pretty this gal is turning out. This is my Randi, a 7 month old buff Silkie Bantam. She has managed with respect, to find her comfort zone among the existing flock. She is still banned from the … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Adding Chickens To Your Flock

Source: Backyard Poultry Magazine This post could also be titled “How to Survive a Turf War” or “Bloods vs. Crips” because adding chickens and combining flocks can be like orchestrating a gang war. It’s potentially bloody, traumatizing to witness, and … Continue reading

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Showin’ off Time!

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Okay, I have to brag a little on my little buff Silkie bantam pullet… she’s just sooooo nice!  Great head, no black feathers, her wings are tight against her body, 5 toes, and great feathered feet! Yahoo!

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Happy Valentines Day

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Quick and Easy Chicken Hypnosis

Need to handle a chicken who’s a bit unwilling? This is a cool trick to know if you need to get a close look at a bird for whatever reason. Next time you need a chicken to hold still, give … Continue reading

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Bigger is Better

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Do Not Question my Authority

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