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First Time Broody

Tulip is one of three 7.5 month old Silkies that has gone broody for the first time. There are four Silkies total, but one hasn’t shown any interest in motherhood at all. Of the three pullets, two stayed broody for … Continue reading

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Silkie Pullet

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My Silkie *pullet is looking pretty darn fancy at 5 months old! At least I think this one is a pullet… hopeful. So far they are all quiet, if any are roosters I should hear somebody begin to crow over … Continue reading

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I.D. Leg Bands for Chickens

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Here’s a simple how-to video on how to put on leg bands. This is the best way to identify your birds or keep track of multiple flocks.  My birds all look identical, each leg band has a highly visible number … Continue reading

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Incubation Using A Broody Hen

Source: poultrykeeper.com Written by Tim Daniels Using a broody hen to incubate eggs and hatch chicks is of course the most natural way possible and has its benefits as she will hatch and rear the chicks with minimal attention. Not … Continue reading

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