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Broody Hen Drama

My Buff Silkie Randy is one of those hens that gives new meaning to the word NASTY when she’s broody. She beats up all the other hens for being near her, and even if they’re not, she’ll find a reason … Continue reading

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About the Sebright Chicken

Chicken Breed Focus – Sebright Backyard Chickens The Sebright is a very small, beautiful, rose-combed bantam, usually with laced feathers. They are a purely ornamental breed, very popular as pets and with hobbyists as show birds. While usually quite friendly … Continue reading

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New Chicken Keeping Articles | August 26, 2015

This week’s Articles for Chicken Keepers, by Chicken Keepers. An updated collection of chicken keeping articles from  across the web archived in one convenient library on our menu bar. August, 26, 2015 Considerations for Keeping a Rooster. Why are Eggs … Continue reading

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Unfortunate Outcome on Hatch Day

During the incubation period mother nature decided to bring record breaking 117 degree temperatures in Phoenix for a few days. I’m blaming the weather for a failed hatch.  Mother hen is out with the flock again, and she seemed quite … Continue reading

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Hatching Day has Passed, Still Hopeful

There are five eggs under my Silkie hen since August 1st around 4pm. That means yesterday should have been hatch day… here it is Monday, and nothing. I know a little late is still ok, but I’m starting to think … Continue reading

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