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Chicks Ready to Meet the Flock? Here’s How.

I have to put my two cents in here and add that size is an important factor when introducing new birds. In my opinion, young birds should be somewhat the same size if you want to help avoid bullying from … Continue reading

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Here’s the Scoop on Electrolytes for Chickens

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Buy it… or Make Your Own, Here’s How… When temperatures reach 104° F  or above, chickens have difficulty maintaining proper body temperature. Heat stress is dangerous and could even take the life of your chickens. Here’s how to help them … Continue reading

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Keeping Chickens Happy in Hot Weather

Help Your Chickens Beat the Heat with this Handy Checklist Summer is coming, is your chicken yard and coop suitable to sustain the well being of your flock? It’s important to prepare for extreme heat or your birds may suffer … Continue reading

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Bird Flu Information|How To Protect Your Flock

Bird Flu: 5.3 Million Layers To Be Culled Jeremy Chartier | Backyard Poultry April 21, 2015 On April 20, the USDA confirmed the most recent Avian Influenza, or Bird Flu, outbreak in Osceola County, Iowa. This flock marks the largest … Continue reading

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Feathers and Fur

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Meet Jasmine, she’s raising her babies in my chicken coop. She isn’t afraid of me, and the hens are pretty sure she’s just a goofy looking long-eared chicken. Home is where you’re comfortable, safe, and a place where nobody cares … Continue reading

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Fancy Banty

Meet Rose, an 18 month old black Silkie Bantam hen. She’s broody most of the time, rarely lays, and when she does it usually looks like some creepy alien egg. Nevertheless, she’s my friend, and that buys her a forever … Continue reading

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