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The Silkie Chicks a Month Old on Saturday

Growing fast, and feathering nicely, well… except that lovely charmer in the back. She’s just a late bloomer right? Maybe. About these ads

About these ads
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The Essential Quarantine

An Important, but Often Underestimated Part of Raising Chickens By: pipdzipdnreadytogo Source: BackYardChickens.com Many who raise chickens are unaware of what many risks there are in bringing new birds into a flock. New birds could be carrying anything from mites … Continue reading

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Why Hens Leave the Nest After Laying an Egg

A Hen Knows Best… Chickens never lay more than one egg per day. If the eggs are not collected, and a sufficient number of eggs are allowed to remain in the nest, the hen may stop laying eggs and start … Continue reading

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