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Suggestions for Minimizing Chicken Feed Waste

Solutions for the Coop and Outdoor Feeders Got chickens wasting their feed by scratching it out of the feeder? Not only is this costing  you money, but it’s also attracting rodents and wild birds.  This problem can be easily solved … Continue reading

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Raising Winter Chicks in Phoenix

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Originally posted on TBN Ranch:
When Can Chicks Be Moved Outside? It’s a good guess you have your new chicks in a box in the house or garage and are watching them quickly outgrow their safe haven of comfort and…

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Splash of Color

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Chicken Keeping Resource Guide, 2/2015

Have an article to contribute to the Chicken Keeping Resource Library? Send it to amyichi@yahoo.com for consideration. Include TBN Article Submission on the subject line. Charts & Diagrams Chicken Anatomy, External, Internal, and Skeletal Chicken Anatomy, Full Color Chicken Combs … Continue reading

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Adding Hens to an Existing Flock

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Haven’t ever brought new chickens to an existing flock? Well, this can be an experience you won’t forget any time soon. Best to understand the pecking order now before you learn the hard way. Here’s the truth, expect the worst, … Continue reading

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Basic Chicken Terms and Anatomy

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If you’re new to raising chickens here are the most frequently used terms by chicken keepers everywhere. I hope it helps you better understand and care for your birds. Bantam:  Diminutive breed of domestic fowl. Boiler:  Chicken 6 to 9 … Continue reading

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Predator Proofing Chickens

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by Chicken Chick Protecting a flock against predators is one of the biggest challenges a backyard chicken keeper faces. The best offense is a good defense and knowing the basics of coop security is essential to keeping chickens safe from … Continue reading

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Rooster in Disguise

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