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Winter is Here in Phoenix

To most folks, winter means months of cold and snow. Here it means chilly nights averaging around 40 degrees. We might have a few nights when temps drop to freezing, but they are far and few between.  It’s planting season … Continue reading

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Follow-Up on Strange Bird Sighting

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The mystery is over since yesterday’s sighting of this beautiful bird. I learned these birds are Peach-faced Lovebirds.  There’s a website dedicated to these birds with lots of information about their existence in Phoenix. I’ve lived in Phoenix for 25 … Continue reading

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Welcome To My World

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Ovenland Phoenix, Arizona 2015

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Summer Blooms

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TBN Ranch is bursting with color this mild and pleasant June. Our temperatures are way below average for this time of year  and we’ve even some rain!

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A Chicken’s Thought in Spring

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On a better note… The cactus gardens are so pretty this time of year in Phoenix!

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Raising Winter Chicks in Phoenix

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Originally posted on TBN Ranch:
When Can Chicks Be Moved Outside? It’s a good guess you have your new chicks in a box in the house or garage and are watching them quickly outgrow their safe haven of comfort and…

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