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Material Things, They’re Just Things

Since July, it is not an exaggeration to say life has been a challenge. Seems if it’s not one thing it’s another. First the storm that wiped out our little farm, this led to insurance chaos, then finding city contractors … Continue reading

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Monsoon K-9 Rescue, Saving Lucky

The Phoenix monsoon season has definitely shown it’s ugly face this year.  Last time I experienced the wicked capabilities of a monsoon storm was about twenty years ago on the west side of Phoenix. That storm kept me stranded at … Continue reading

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Accidental Flasher

Yesterday I bit the bullet and went to the grocery store even though it was near 110 degrees. Not even a breeze, or a hint of humidity, just dry hot hazy air that didn’t seem fit to breathe. Nevertheless, the … Continue reading

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Sweet Rose / Poetry

She fluffed her feathers an’ stuck out her chest, An’ all the hens scattered from their chosen nest. Struttin’ her stuff an’ more than ready for a fight, She decided to be boss at the first morning light. “She’ll make … Continue reading

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The Messenger / Poetry

Livin’ for tomorrow under a roof that leans, Wearnin’ a  flannel shirt an’ second hand jeans. Seen life’s blessings through what seemed like hell, An’ a life remembered filled with sad stories to tell. There were years when the sun … Continue reading

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The Shadow Behind

I’ve hung my hat here an’ there, Settled for less an’ didn’t once care. Been on the wrong side of the law a time or two, An’ turned a cold shoulder more times than a few. With wide open eyes … Continue reading

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Voice of Wisdom

It hung around robbing who I used to be, The cloud grew so dark I could hardly even see. I saw the light but it seemed so far away, An’ tried to remember what my Mom would say. With a … Continue reading

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Among Friends

There ain’t enough hours in a day, For all the fencin’ and balin’ hay. From the hint of dawn til the fallin’ sun, There still ain’t time to get everything done. Tied to the fence are horses standin’ all in … Continue reading

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The Cactus Garden

A new space has been created since moving my hens. It’s the perfect place for something that welcomes 115+ degree temperatures, needs hardly any water, and isn’t bothered by birds, rabbits, or pests. Is that possible? Yes indeed, and it’s … Continue reading

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Guinea Hens Stories

I don’t know much about Guinea fowl, but because my neighbor raises them we have been introduced. I found one on my roof last summer that escaped an early morning coyote attack next door. It was big, LOUD, and I … Continue reading

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