More From the Northwoods / Vacation

by amy elizabeth

I just got back from the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. I planned a short but lovely getaway to Minocqua and visited the surrounding small towns of Eagle River, Boulder Junction, St. Germain, and Land O Lakes.

Minocqua, WI
Lake Minocqua Public Pier, Downtown Minocqua

After spending the morning at the lake in Minocqua I hopped in the car and headed to St. Germain. Camp’s Grocery store is the place to go if you want the best jelly Bismarck on the planet. There’s not much in town, but there’s some good eatin’ and a little shop that sells great sweatshirts, my kind of town! All the important things in life all on one little road, that’s St. Germain!

Boulder Junction is my favorite place to visit the gift shops. The Outdoorsman Restaurant is not to be overlooked, the food is great, and the atmosphere is true Northwoods. The town is about two blocks long, at the main intersection a doe came out of the forest and walked across the street. I felt as though I was trespassing on her domain, pulled off the road and gave her right of way.

I went to an art show in Land O lakes on Saturday, if it wasn’t for the event I’m not sure I would have seen anybody in town at all. A few businesses were open, a couple of small town corner bars, and a restaurant which was closed at two in the afternoon. As I drove through town I actually saw a giant tractor come down the center of town and park at the local tavern…is that legal? lol

Handmade knits at the art show in Land O Lakes

Back to Reality…

I don’t get away from the ranch very often, it’s when I do that I realize just how confined I am with all the responsibilities. I waited a lifetime to have my own farm and ranch, but now that I have, it’s not an exaggeration to say it owns me. It’s an incredible ordeal to plan time away, individual feed requirements for livestock both large and small requires the competence of a knowledgeable ranch hand. Although it seems like horses are big strong tough creatures, in reality their digestive tract is so poorly designed the wrong feed choice can be a costly disaster. The chickens don’t need much fussing over, but eggs have to be picked everyday. When it’s 100+ in the shade cold water provided throughout the day is vital, so never mind, they need fussing over.    A small ranch is easily taken care without employing a ranch hand, but it’s a full time job. That means there’s still a house to clean, laundry, cooking, and oh yeah… another job that supports the luxury of having a ranch and farm way of life.

I must say I’m beginning to think about reclaiming the simple freedoms most people take for granted. Maybe I’m getting tired, or just getting tired of working so hard, or maybe I’m beginning to flirt with a new chapter in my life called retirement?

Really? Retirement? Hell yeah!

Lake Minocqua

Oh yeah… I almost forgot this little fella hanging out in the hotel parking lot.

Author: amy elizabeth

Writer, Author, Artist, Chicken Keeping Resource Blogger

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