Keno, New to the Ranch

AQHA 9 Year Old Palomino Mare

tbnranch.comI rode last night in the dark, however it was still 100+ degrees. My horses don’t seem to mind the extreme heat we are plagued with this June 26th, 2011. I’ve always kept them in a large 1/2 covered pen during the day and turned them out at night when it’s somewhat cooler. Last year I built a large shade structure in the turn-out so they could be out all day, but do they use it? NO. It doesn’t matter where I put them or what the weather is, rain, wind, or crazy hot, they’ll be standing in the middle of it all. Today, 114 and they’ll tough it out without any complaints or signs of discomfort. But the donkey? No way, he’ll hunt shade and never stand in rain or wind!  The ongoing question of which equine is smarter or tougher is still undecided – seems they both have their moments.

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch

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