Ranch Bunnies

We already have a donkey, now here are the other ‘long ears’ that make TBN Ranch their home.

I’m not sure why the ranch has so many bunnies, these are two of maybe fifty or more. They have their babies under my hay stack in the feed room when it’s cooler, and under the tack shed when it’s hot. They spend the day under my huge ocitillo in the front yard that offers shade and at dusk come to graze on the grass in the back yard.

I have dogs that chase them and a near disaster occurs daily, but they continue to flirt with death day in and day out. I don’t feed them but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t put water out for them. Especially now that 112 degrees seems to be an everyday torture here in Phoenix. It is rather concerning that they are probably carrying hitchhikers, I can’t treat bunnies for fleas but my dogs are on a 30 day flea control product all year round. Thank you very much guys for that expense, oh well, they’re cute aren’t they?

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