Nature’s Gift

The Arizona skies darken with the sudden formation of clouds teasing the valley with the threat of a summer rain.  The mountains shadowed with their presence gleam with magnificent anticipation.  As the scorching sun singes the horizon, its fiery presence humbly bows beneath the angry sky. Gentle breezes build in strength and the scent of moisture fills the air as droplets of rain sprinkle the sun dried foliage.

The desert floor compromised by drought changes from dingy to brilliant as the clouds spill their joyous contribution to the fruits of life.  The sky rumbles and sparks of light electrify the depths of beyond, changing the peaceful drizzle to a raging downpour. The desert rejoices and the trees wake from dormancy as nature in all its glory weeps tears of joy.

Author: amy elizabeth

Writer, Author, Artist, Chicken Keeping Resource Blogger