EVH-1 Outbreak is Officially Over

According to United States Department of Agriculture Veterinarians

The final report from the U.S Dept. of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service confirmed on June 23, 2011 the EVH-1 outbreak has been contained.

According to APHIS a total of 57 horses were confirmed infected with EHV-1.
There were 28 with primary infections and 29 with secondary infections.

The outbreak originated in Ogden Utah at a National Cutting Horse competition between April 29, 2011 thru May 8, 2011.  According to APHIS, more than 400 horses across 19 states were exposed to EVH-1 and 1,685 were exposed by association.

EVH-1 Update, by amy elizabeth

Resource: Bridle & Bit 


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