The Pirate’s Feet

The wonderful world of the internet, endless entertainment, new friends, new places, and blogs blogs blogs. Reading and writing has never been more fun and I’ve never had so many friends that I never met. Allow me to share one in particular with a blog that deserves a little razzle dazzle.

He’s roughwater john, a pirate so they say,
But all I know is he writes poetry most every day.
His identity on wordpress he keeps discrete,
Keepin’ his face a mystery only showin’ his feet.

There’s a few things I’m guessin’ ‘bout this man I can’t see,
He finds his peace at home upon the depths of the deep blue sea.
A good wine in his hand with an attitude of what the heck,
An’ all his worldly possessions prob’ly stashed somewhere below deck.

His words boast a passion for life which he can’t hide,
But whether he’s young or old is one thing I still can’t decide.
All I know is roughwater john, a pirate so they say,
Is a writer worth mention, an’ he’s just one click away.

To enjoy roughwater john’s blog:

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9 Responses to The Pirate’s Feet

  1. Well, for the first time in my Pirate life, I’m actually speechless. 🙂 What a wonderful and fun poem (not a bad subject either). The many, many new friends I’ve made through blogging and writing was the biggest, and most enjoyable, surprise I’ve enjoyed since I started. There are so many talented, artistic and entertaining people just a mouse click away from my Pirate ship.

    I love visiting your pages, still it was a pleasant surprise to see you’re quite the poet. 🙂 What a talented family! I think you figured me out fairly easily from my blog. A sense of mystery is always good for a Pirate, but if say…. one wanted to find out more actual Pirate information, they might, if they had a mind to, peruse ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me’. Sometimes people like a sense of mystery though, so only search for it if you have too much free time or are insatiably curious. 🙂

    It is an honor, to be honored by you, thank you from the bottom of my Pirate heart!

  2. tbnranch says:

    Thanks, and welcome!

  3. Enjoyed the rhythm of your poetry as you honor another poet. Thanks for liking my blog site. I’m glad I can to visit yours!

  4. How nice to pay tribute to another poet. I’ve enjoyed him as well!

  5. Jo Bryant says:

    Great tribute that suits the Cap’n to a tee. 🙂

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