Living in Phoenix Arizona

Is living in Phoenix for you? I’m originally from the Midwest and moved to Phoenix twenty-five years ago. So I have indeed experienced harsh winters, gray cloudy days, and something called…rain?

Downtown Phoenix

It’s no secret that we are living in troubled times, people are facing foreclosures, job losses, and the list goes on and on as so many folks are feeling the impact of a sluggish economy. Whether you’re being forced to move or just feel it’s time to start over, maybe Phoenix is the perfect spot to consider.

First of all, I know the weather may concern you, and rightly so! I won’t lie to you about the summer months, it’s miserable hot. The brutal months are June thru September, where temperatures range from 105 to 115 degrees. That’s four months, but the good news is the other eight are what I consider paradise. The winter months are seldom colder than the need for a light jacket at night, and maybe a sweatshirt during the day. Phoenix boasts bright blue sun filled skies every day with the exception of approximately 15 days a year. June or July is our monsoon season when high winds may exceed 50+ MPH, dust storms can be wicked, and sudden heavy rainfall often causes flooding. But on the bright side, the chance of a tornado is next to none, no hurricanes, and I haven’t heard about any earthquakes either!

If your looking to rent, the housing market is rather attractive, you can expect to pay between $900 and $1,200 for 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in a desirable neighborhood. Apartments are plentiful, pet friendly, and affordable, it would not at all be difficult to find one bedroom luxury accommodations priced at $600. a month. If you’re looking to purchase a home, I believe the median selling price is $126, 000. Of course there are also many houses priced far below the median of the current market.
For more details on the housing market values:

Public transportation in my opinion scores low on the list of attractive assets in the Phoenix area and surrounding communities.
More about public transportation:

As most states, Arizona has a mandatory automobile insurance law, the good news is auto insurance rates here are much better than they used to be. Arizona’s average annual premium is $1,152.
License plate annual renewals fees are determined by the value of your car, anywhere from $600+ a year, down to $100 or less.

The unemployment rate falls within the national average, however I do see lower paying jobs offered throughout the city.
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Cowboy Country, Yes Indeed!

Phoenix offers a big city atmosphere but don’t be fooled by big business, fancy restaurants, and shopping malls. The Old West is still cowboy country, alive with plenty of Equestrian events, working ranches, mountain trails, and many horse properties available for sale.
If you’re interested in boarding a horse in the Phoenix area, there are ample boarding facilities and the average monthly full service fee is about $225.

Lakes, Lakes and more Lakes
Boating, Fishing, and Swimming
For a list of all the Lakes in Arizona:

Times are changing, what better time is there to take a chance when there’s little, or maybe nothing to lose? Come to friendly Arizona and embrace your future under the sun, what are you waiting for?


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