Butterbun’s Tough Summer

Meet Butterbuns, she’s a Buff Orphington, hatched October 1, 2010. She’s a heavy or meat bird, but at our ranch she is primarily for egg production.

It’s been a long hot summer for Butter, twice she suffered from heat exhaustion and nearly died. Most every day of August temperatures were 110, and a dangerous 117 when she collapsed. Although a fan and mist system are provided for the birds, it just wasn’t enough for Butter Buns. I’d find her laying in a hole on her side, panting, disoriented and unable to walk. Luckily both times I was able to revive her by placing her in a baby pool, then laying her in the cool grass under a tree. She spent so much time being soaking wet that she got a rash on her head and now she’s bald.

Back in May she didn’t eat for a week and was in isolation for a month, I thought for sure she would die, but she somehow pulled through. When she recovered and was placed back with the flock, she then decided to be a mother and sit on either imaginary or infertile eggs… for about 10 days. Again, she hardly ate, and about cooked to death by picking the only nest in full sun.

It’s almost October and I think It’s safe to say Butter has beat the heat, it’s a miracle! She will fair well through the winter months, maybe she’ll even get new feathers on her little head. I hope so, I don’t think she’s going to like what I found online… ha ha!


3 thoughts on “Butterbun’s Tough Summer”

  1. You make ranch and farm life seem so ideal with your caring ways. I know it’s tough but those chickens are darn lucky to have a such a loving mother hen.

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