Budget Backyard Chicken Coops

Affordable Coops for 2 to 4 Chickens

Keep in mind that these coops in my opinion, are best used within a fenced area where chickens will have at least a couple hours of play time every day. Birds kept in small confinement may become agitated or quarrelsome.

 Scroll to the last coop for the best and most affordable coop!

$299 + Shipping


$399 + Shipping


$499 + Shipping


$349 + Shipping


$429.95 + Shipping


$625 + Shipping


A Dog Run Works Nicely!

Pictured below is my smaller coop used for isolating new or injured birds. In the rear I placed a medium sized doghouse and raised it up on cinder blocks for shelter. It’s covered completely with sunscreen [optional] using .39 cent tiny spring clips. The enclosure measures 5ft wide, 6ft high, and 10ft long. A sheet on plywood can easily be attached to the roof for extra protection.You can use cinder blocks or other concrete decorative edging along the bottom outside perimeter of enclosure to discourage predators. 

Home Depot, $200 In the Lumber and Fencing aisle.

TBN Ranch Isolation Coop

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