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EHV-1 Outbreak Concerns

 amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch Will it ever end? I know these outbreaks are a concern and rightly so, but the answer is a simple… no.  Equine EHV-1 is not going to go away and either are other Equine diseases, all … Continue reading

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Fantastegg Varieties

Ameraucana, blue-green egg layer Experts believe that all chicken eggs were once brown.  It is thought that white eggs were created by cross-breeding chickens until the eggs became lighter and lighter in color.  However, eggs do indeed come in a … Continue reading

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Pay it Forward Time!

Spread the Word Pets make our world go ’round! It’s just amazing how much our furry friends add to life. I made a point to search out blogs that prove just how true that is and I’d like to share … Continue reading

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