Bad Donkey

What Goes Around Comes Around


Beamer was turned out with the Palomino last night and once again the ol’ saying “what goes around comes around” proves true. Last week I wrote a post, read post about Beamer getting a good ass kicking by Fancypants the Palomino.  After that little episode, I put the donk in a different pen at feeding time.  But last night was a beautiful night and I thought it was time to let them both kick up a little dust. There was no hay to fight over, and they actually do like each other, so what’s to fight about?

Well Beamer doesn’t forget anything, he had unfinished business and he wasn’t going to let size get in the way either. As you can see Beamer is back in his own pen, smug with his get even bloody teeth marks on Fancypants withers. Something tells me this ain’t over yet, time will tell which one will earn the highly sought after title of  Boss. 

What do you think, is Beamer tough enough to hold the honor weighing in at a whopping 400 pounds? Or Fancypants, the 1,100 pounds built like a tank Palomino?


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15 Responses to Bad Donkey

  1. paywindow7 says:

    Beamer might be smaller but at this point he don’t care. Just the fact Fancypants is around just jacks his jaw and you’re right there will be more. Sometimes buddy pairs like that make it and sometimes they don’t.

    Very glad to see and read that you’re doing so well.


  2. I had at least ten unopened e-mails but the title of this one jumped out at me and I had to find out what trouble Beamer was into this time.
    That “bad donkey.”

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    I hope they eventually get on!

  4. bykimball says:

    Beamer is smug with success! He better be careful!!

  5. Tammy Jaros says:

    I just set Beamer’s pic as my desktop background at work…so cute!

  6. Tammy Jaros says:

    Go Beamer!!;)

  7. My money is on Beamer . . . he’s one stubborn ass. 😉

  8. Rita A. says:

    I have a feeling Fancypants will be the “Winner”

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