Impact of High Hay Prices

• Arizona Horse Rescues listed below.

Maybe a rumor, maybe not, but I hear the price of alfalfa could reach $20 a bale next year in Arizona. I paid $14.99 last week and had to dig pretty darn deep to scrounge up the $300 bucks to pay my monthly feed bill. I’m concerned about the long term impact of these sky rocketing hay prices. On top of all the other expenses of owning a horse, the recreational horseman is going to be the first to call it quits. Even if just us little guys had to give up our horses it would make a huge impact on the horse economy. There are indeed still folks that make a living with horses, and those little guys like me keep their bills paid. Arizona pleasure horse owners spend an estimated $500 to $600 million on the care and maintenance of pleasure horses and related infrastructure (including the annualized cost of horse, tack, equipment, land and facilities ownership). There isn’t a mandatory horse registry here, but Arizona likely exceeds 170,000 head.  This is concerning considering our unemployment rate is up around 9%, and home foreclosures are at a record high.

More and more horses are being abandoned here because folks can’t afford to feed them. Horses are being found out in the desert… with shoes on. Broke, nice horses just set free by the hand of desperate people.  The horse rescues are often at capacity, and it’s near impossible to sell an unmarketable horse. What a tragedy.

All this reminds me of one thing I think we all should think about.  A long time ago, a man without a horse was considered a man without legs.  Horses were not a luxury, they were a necessity. Their contribution to man’s historic achievements are countless. But what’s even more amazing to me is how horses have managed to maintain their usefulness today.  Think about it, their great strength and stamina is hardly comparable to mechanical horse power. Yet these gentle giants of superior credibility haven’t lost their significance, only their job title.

Horses have the gift of adaptability and are quite willing to accommodate the needs of man. Therefore, have been bred for specific uses making  them more and more dependent on man.  In turn, many horses in the low desert of Arizona have never even stepped on grass, or drank from a natural water source. I haven’t the answer on how to do right by these magnificent animals, all I know is they’ve earned the right to be  respected for their contribution to mankind. 

Here are a few resources to help you,  help them.

Arizona Horse Rescues, non-profit, registered 501(c)(3) charities.
P.O. Box 54824
Phoenix, AZ  85078-4824

Apache Junction Horse Rescue
P.O. Box 7797 · Apache Junction, AZ  85278

Arizona Equine Rescue Organization
34522 N. Scottsdale Road Suite D-7, #168
Scottsdale, AZ  85266

Care for the Horses
P.O. Box 884 · Sierra Vista, AZ  85636

Chevy Ranch Rescue
41819 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ  85086

Circle L (Circle of Life) Ranch
Ranch Location:  Prescott Valley, AZ
7527 E. 1st Street, #8 · Scottsdale, AZ  85251

Conquistador Equine Rescue & Advocacy
2121 S. Mill Avenue, Suite 103
Tempe, AZ  85282

Dreamchaser PMU Rescue & Rehabilitation
48019 N. 7th Avenue · New River, AZ  85087

Equine Eden Rescue Center
13765 N. Santa Rosa Avenue
Maricopa, AZ  85238

Equine Recline Rescue, Rehabilitation & Retirement
P.O. Box 926 · Sahuarita, AZ  85629-0926

Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary
P.O. Box 1685 · Green Valley, AZ  85622

Hacienda de los Milagros (Sanctuary)
3731 N. Road One West
Chino Valley, AZ  86323

Healing Hearts Animal Sanctuary
Administrative Offices:
3317 S. Higley Road, Suite 114-481
Gilbert, AZ  85297
Sanctuary:  Wilcox, AZ

LUV Shack Ranch Rescue
P.O. Box 74254 · Phoenix, AZ  85087

New Beginnings Paso Fino Horse Rescue
29009 N. 152nd Drive · Surprise, AZ  85387

New Dawn Livestock Rescue & Sanctuary
P.O. Box 794 · 8909 N. 387th Avenue
Tonopay, AZ  85354

New Hope Equine Rescue
975 S. Moonlight Drive
Star Valley, AZ  85541
928-978-5155 or 928-468-1514

Sacred Grounds Rescue Ranch
P.O. Box 967 · Wikieup, AZ  85360

Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary
27115 N. 45th Street · Cave Creek, AZ  85331

Whisper’s Sanctuary – Toni Leo
2160 E. Fry Blvd., #342
Sierra Vista, AZ  85635

WildHorse Ranch Rescue  or
P.O. Box 415 · Gilbert, AZ  85299-0415

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6 Responses to Impact of High Hay Prices

  1. tbnranch says:

    Nope, no better sorry to say. Bermuda is 15.75 to 17.00 a bale right now. OMG

  2. Annette Carter says:

    Moving to the Sierra Vista, AZ area from the So Cal Desert in March 2012. Bermuda Hay is just about $16.00/bale today. I’m don’t want to assume that the situation is any better in AZ but am hoping- Is it? We are seeing horses turned loose in the desert here too. Very sad. I cannot imagine how people feel they have no other alternative.

  3. tbnranch says:

    Indeed. They have little chance for survival.

  4. Sure glad there are so many horse rescue organizations in AZ. That’s so sad that people would just let their horses go and leave them on their own.

  5. Rita A. says:

    I can’t even imagine there not being horses and the horrors horses will face when owners can’t care for them. Would this be a way to get a horse for someone like me? Do you come across them? Thank you for making this known.

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