Christmas in the Desert


This is the view from my kitchen window. I planted those pine trees myself when they were only four feet tall, only four years ago. My how they have grown! It is Fall now, the grass is what we call Winter or Rye grass here in the Southwest, and it will stay green and beautiful all the way until about March. It has to be planted in October while it’s still warm, but then dies, making way for the summer grass to take over.  I love this time of year, everything comes alive after the horrendous desert heat is over. It’s impossible to keep flowers alive in the summer, but in winter there might be only a few nights when frost is a threat.

Being from the Midwest, it still seems odd at Christmas time when Santa, reindeer, and oodles of lit decorations are situated around colorful flower gardens. I put up my Christmas tree today and it was 82 degrees!

When I was a little girl the family piled into the car all bundled up in mittens and hats to go buy our tree in single digit temperatures. The tree lots would have big rusty steel drums with a fire blazing inside, and we’d all warm our hands over them.  By the time we picked out a tree we were all so cold we couldn’t even feel our toes. However, here in Phoenix I saw a hot dog vendor at a tree lot, and everybody was walking around in shorts and t-shirts.

I moved to Arizona twenty five years ago and there’s never once been a white Christmas. But the spirit is everywhere and neighborhood homes are glowing in celebration. It just doesn’t matter if Santa and Frosty are standing in snow or a bed of purple pansies. It’s still Christmas!

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9 thoughts on “Christmas in the Desert”

  1. The first year I moved to Arizona I had a hard time adjusting to the fact that Christmas was coming – it was so warm and sunny.

  2. I like the pine trees…do you decorate and light them for the holidays? The childhood memory has me remembering setting up the Christmas tree. My mom always pulled out the decorations the day after Thanksgiving…

  3. Pine trees are great aren’t they because the grow so quickly. We have lots up north by our cabin.

    When I was younger, my family always went to Florida for Christmas. Didn’t matter that there were palm trees instead of pine trees, it was still Christmas. 🙂

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