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Thank you for the honor of another Blog Award. This Candle Lighter Award is for blogs which bring light to the world, through positive and uplifting writing. Gosh, I hope I can live up to that! Thank you  for recognizing my blog as worthy.

I would like to pass this award on to other blogs I feel are deserving of this award.

If you receive this award, there’s more good news… there’s no rules! You can pass it along if you like, or just be gracious with a simple thank you. 🙂

To accept this award: save image as, retrieve it from your files, and upload to your blog.


About tbnranch

amy elizabeth, writer, author, antique dealer. Lives in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert on a small hobby farm.
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17 Responses to Blog Award

  1. tbnranch says:

    Thank you new friend. 🙂

  2. Shenandoah Valley Homesteader says:

    Congrats! After looking over your site I can see why you deserve this award and I look forward to coming back.

  3. carmen says:


  4. Rita A. says:

    Congratulations! And Thank you!

    I have written a post about the Award and passed it on to two others here:

  5. Bassas Blog says:

    Congratulations on receiving such a beautiful award.

  6. Bongo says:

    Congratulations! You do spread light into the world with your blog.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You are such a sweetie! and of course you deserve the award, your blog is so informative while being entertaining and always empathetic to human nature. I wish I had time to read more of your posts, you amaze me with how you keep up with everything and the ranch. Thank you for passing this on and keep spreading your light to brighten the darkness that tries to creep into our lives. I will attempt to pass it on also and to post before the new year!

  8. Kate Kresse says:

    Thanks Amy! I’m not sure why the title of the award that was a caption didn’t show up with it (it was tiny and under the photo). I still need to learn some skills! But thanks for posting the award and passing it on and letting me know!!! Thank you !!!

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