Christmas is for Dogs Too

Tails from the Pet Spa

by amy elizabeth, Certified Pet Stylist

Seems no matter how tight finances are there’s little sign of penny pinching when it comes to the family dog. Christmas business at the Grooming Salon is crazy busy, even the tips have been generous. This surprises me considering the unemployment rate is creeping towards 10%.

A client told me today that she has been out of work for 3 months, her husband is  working, but for substantially less at a new job. Yet there she was, with her little dog who was about to suck another $55.00 out of the family budget. She validated this expense by giving up dining out and her own visits to the hair & nail salon.

I must say, many clients home groom now, trying to stretch the standard six week appointment to three or four months. I’m not bringing this up because I object, I don’t. What’s funny to me is people deny it, as if I don’t notice the dog looks like its been run over by a lawn mower. They usually cut the hair over the eyes, of course, by the time they get it even, the dog has a landing strip on it’s forehead. Now Fido has a big bushy body and a tiny head, giving him all the appeal of a wood tick. But, they had no part in that, it’s most always blamed on somebody else. Like the friend who watched Fido while they were on vacation. Yep, the pet sitter took out the hedge clippers and chopped off the dogs hair…  just because. I’ve also heard that perfectly brushed out dogs are left with a pet sitter and within two weeks grew five inches of matted fur. Really?

Funny to me that most folks primary concern is the hair that flops over the eyes, and not the planet size wads of sour smelling crud that rests under them. Seems the decorative dingle berries hanging under Fido’s tail like Christmas ornaments are also overlooked.

But come the holidays, most folks put their K-9 companion’s grooming appointment at the top of their things to do Christmas list. It’s my job to take off the dingle berries and decorate Fido with beautiful satin bows instead. I may not be able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but there’s beauty somewhere, even under the worst beast.

The Christmas rush is over, today I groomed the last dog of the 2011 Christmas season. It’s been a back -breaking week, but forty-seven dogs later,  I survived…  barely. 

Happy Holidays


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amy elizabeth, writer, author, antique dealer. Lives in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert on a small hobby farm.
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11 Responses to Christmas is for Dogs Too

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    You groomed 47 dogs? I hope you have had a good rest over Christmas!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think I am too!

  3. Jo Bryant says:

    47 dogs – i am impressed…

  4. tbnranch says:

    I’m glad yours does! Many do not, a large part of my business is long haired cats that are matted and have to be shaved!

  5. …and thus is termed the phrase, dog tired. 🙂 I’m so glad cats groom themselves. 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Bongo says:

    I almost forgot – Merry Christmas!

  7. Bongo says:

    I’m so glad I don’t need that grooming. I don’t think I could sit still that long. My person hoses me off in the back yard and rubs in the shampoo. It’s great fun.

  8. tbnranch says:

    Afghans! Oh My! Both breeds are pretty high maintenance! Have a great Christmas.

  9. Rita A. says:

    We’ve had cockers and Afghans and now my first criteria for a new dog is SHORT HAIR. That’s funny that they deny cutting the hair. I don’t even do that when I go in for myself. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

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