About the Zebrass / Zonkey

They are Zebroids…

This little guy is indeed for real, he is often called a Zebrass, or a Zonkey. Since my post Donkey, Burro, Ass, Mule, and What They All Mean,the Zebrass seemed to catch the attention, or curiosity of many readers. Since this blog is my informative avenue to educate those who keep all critters large and small, seems only fitting to pass along what I know about this closely related member of the horse family.

Technically they do have a proper name, and is NOT  Zebrass or Zonkey .  The correct terms are,  zebrinnies, zebrulas, and zedonks. A zebrinny is the offspring of a male donkey and a female zebra; a zebrula is the offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey; a zedonk is the offspring of any zebra and any donkey. Or, they may be called zebroids (crosses between a zebra and some other horse species).

There is generally no distinction made as to which zebra species is used. Many times when zebras are crossbred, they develop some form of dwarfism. Breeding of different branches of the equine family, which does not occur in the wild, generally results in infertile offspring. The combination of sire and dam also affects the offspring.

For More Information:
International Zebra -Zorse- Zonkey Association

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14 Responses to About the Zebrass / Zonkey

  1. So unusual and so very cute….I would love to have one. Love the photo:) Thanks for sharing this:)

  2. Terri O.A. says:

    That is so adorable. No it is more than adorable!!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Absoloutely lovely. I have been researching these and would love one as a pet. Doubt my mom will let me though but there’s always hope. 😉

  4. tbnranch says:

    Well good thing you come visit my blog…so you can learn about all this stuff that doesn’t much matter! Ha Ha!

  5. Fascinating! I had no idea those even existed! 🙂

  6. Absolutely love the picture!! What a darling!! Interesting read…thanks!

  7. tbnranch says:

    He looks like a little jail bird!

  8. Bassas Blog says:

    These are amazing. I have never heard of these before. Wonderful picture!

  9. Bongo says:

    This little guy is really cute.

  10. Joe Edwards says:

    This story reminds me of one that took place in Australia. Seems the Aborigines tell a story of a ‘Donkagin’. It was supposed to live in the bottom of an old abandoned water filled rock quarry where once a week it’s head would surface making a terrible screeching sound, then surface for another week. It was so fearsome, no one would go near the old quarry anymore. For decades the aborigines considered a holy but forbidden place.That is until it was discovered that in actuality, the Donkagin was an old steam shovel excavator that was left in the bottom of the quarry when it began to flood. The ‘head’ of the beast was the scoop and would rise to the surface because the scoop would fill with gasses being expelled from the earth. Once the head surfaced, the gasses would escape thus lowering the head for another week.The noise was the screeching of rusted metal. This type of excavator in those days was called, a Donkey Gin.

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