Insane Hay Prices

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch

Hay Prices are Skyrocketing in Arizona

The price of a 3 string bale of Alfalfa in Phoenix, Arizona is now $18.  Bermuda Blend Pellets is a whopping $17.45 for an 80lb bag.  Only a short time ago I was paying $9.99 for Alfalfa and $10.50 for Bermuda blend pellets.  Worse yet, hay prices are expected to increase again by Spring of 2012.

A bale of hay lasts 4 to 5 days for just one average size idle horse. Which means multiple horse owners and boarding stables are feeling an incredible pinch in their budgets. It is indeed hard times for the horse owner, and in this economy quite difficult to get out from under the hefty expense.The horse market ain’t what it used to be, nor is the ol’ gray mare worth her weight in gold anymore. How sad.

I haven’t any answers, but with horse rescues at capacity, this is a good time to offer help to those who may be struggling to feed their horses.  They might very well be your neighbors.

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5 Responses to Insane Hay Prices

  1. Kate Kresse says:

    Well said, Amy Elizabeth. As always, your blog informs, and inspires us to become our better selves. I am giving you The Lovely Blog Award.

  2. tbnranch says:

    30% of our hay goes to Asia, drought in Texas, California and of course, fuel prices.

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    Why has it increased so much?

  4. Bongo says:

    I think this post needs a “Dislike” button. Glad you mentioned the rescues though. Maybe someone with means will be prompted to help.

  5. Joe Edwards says:

    Two thumbs up! Thanks for reminding those out there about the shelters. They truly are doing an amazing job. It kills me to see so many bails of hay going to waste rotting away in the fields when I visit the north eastern states. 3 cuttings a year in many places. I thgink on hjow badly the south western states could use that extra hay. Maybe a non profit could be formed to redistribute all the excess to shelters in need.

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