Chicken Coop Extraordinaire

Links Updated 12/2012

Another chicken coop idea complete with inexpensive building plans! I found this nice coop suitable for up to 22 chickens, a perfect project for the handyman/chicken keeper. You will also find smaller coops for 4-6 chickens HERE.

Building Plans, $34.95

This set of plans includes 38 pages of step by step instructions, detailed materials list, color coded images and pictures!

Key features include:

10′ x 6′ holds up to 22 hens
6 exterior nests all on same side for easy egg gathering and maximizing floor space on the inside
Walk in for easy sweeping and cleaning, open floor plan
Organized roosting bars (opposite side from the nests) to make cleaning easier and provide plenty of room for your hens
Three sliding windows give great light to increase egg laying / predator proof screens
Chicken Run that fits nicely with the profile of the coop
Sits one foot off the ground to keep area around coop dry, shade for hens and predators out
Attractive design, adds value to landscape!

To Purchase Plans: Visit Website / Plans: $34.95

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch


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4 Responses to Chicken Coop Extraordinaire

  1. tbnranch says:

    Sounds really nice Joe, got any pics? Would like to see it! In case you haven’t noticed, I love to dream about chicken coops.

  2. I made my own too. It’s layout was similar but I did tw things because of the harsh winters where I was at. I installed a translucent fiberglass roof panel on each side of the roof. This allowed the bright winter sunlight to warm the chicks and keep the interior brightly lit. I am sure this is why my chicks laid throughout the winter ( the local restaurants were The other thing I had to do was attach 2″ foam panels along the bottom of the sides to prevent wind and snow from blowing under the floor. This allowed the single heat lamp to heat the coop. OK, so a skunk did make it’s home underneath for a whiloe, but that was rectified when my dog discovered it one day…to my dogs bad luck!

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