The Hint of Spring

The Hens are Back to Work

Cookie, Buff Orphington

It may still feel like the dead of winter in many places around the country, but here in Arizona spring is quite apparent.  While the hens rest during the colder winter months the egg production substantially decreases.  Most all the heavy breeds continue to lay every two to three days, but the exhibition or fancy light birds quit laying altogether. But now the days are getting longer, and with warmer temperatures, the entire flock has started laying again. Even my fancy ladies Lady Madonna and Penny Lane added their pretty white eggs to the nest with all the others.

Lady Madonna, Silver Laced Polish Hen, White Egg Layer
TBN Farm Fresh Nest-Run Eggs
Penny Lane, White Crested Blue Polish Hen

This is Jojo, she’s a Sizzle pullet, and the newest addition to the flock. White egg layer.

Jojo, Sizzle Pullet

17 thoughts on “The Hint of Spring”

  1. I always love seeing photos of your fancy chickens – and the photo of the multi-colored eggs in the basket is lovely too.

  2. The best thing a person can do if they have the space (especially if they have kids that need chores) is to have a coop with some layers. While mine were pretty utilitarian (CA. Rocks, Road Island Reds etc) You took it up a few notches by keeping some fancy breeds to beautify the yard. How did you ever get them to get along since hens love a pecking order? You always surprize me! I’ll be heading your way this April. I’ll foot your bill for dinner and beers at the Buffulo Chip! See ya soon my friend.

    1. The fancy girls are not very high in the pecking order, however they are smart enough to not challenge the command. They are pretty darn good at running from trouble. Looking forward to your visit friend.

    1. My rule is eggs keep 5 weeks in the refrigerator. Egg production varies for different reasons, breed, stress, molt, weather, etc. But a good layer will lay everyday to every other when weather conditions aren’t extreme. The fancy or exhibition birds I have are considered low producers, 1 every 3 days is average.

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