The FURminator®, A Product Review

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch

Shedding Solutions

As a professional pet stylist, I’m often asked by clients if the furminator would be a useful tool in controlling their dog’s shedding problem.  I have mixed feelings on this product, but not because it’s ineffective.  In fact it’s a rather handy tool, but it must be used properly.

The furminator is basically a tool groomers have been using for ages, only somebody made it better, then gave it a fancy name.  Too bad I didn’t think of putting a handle on a clipper blade, give it a clever name, and sell it to millions of pet owners! Nevertheless, it gets my approval in the competent hand.

Do your research on which furminator best suits the needs of your dog’s specific coat and follow the directions of the manufacturer.

The furminator in my professional opinion is best suited for short coated dogs. An excellent product for certain breeds with an excessive undercoat such as Beagles, Bassets, Labs, and especially Pugs.



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