Domesticated Means Dependent

Arizona horse owners are watching the price of alfalfa hay creep closer and closer to $20 a bale.  At least once a week I hear of somebody trying to give their horse away because they can’t afford to feed it anymore. The rescues are packed full, and the horrifying truth is people are so desperate they are turning their horses free in the outlying remote areas of the State – where they will die of starvation.

Recently a small ranch owner adjacent to the Tonto National Forest found a beautiful Paint horse standing at his corral gate. It’s not uncommon to see wild horses occasionally in those parts, but that sure wasn’t the case this time. This horse was shod in the front, and when approached with a lead rope he was quiet and willing to move forward.

The ranch owner took in the horse, and for two weeks put up signs in tack and feed stores trying to find the owner. After all, it was possible a neighboring ranch left a gate open and the horse wandered off. But nobody ever stepped forward.

Shame on anybody to think a horse can survive in the wild when all his food and water has magically appeared in front of him his entire life.

This river is less than a mile from where the horse stood at the ranch’s back gate. Regardless of a water source and some sparse vegetation, the horse went to the only place he knew for food and water …  MAN.

Verde River


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9 Responses to Domesticated Means Dependent

  1. Very sad situation and another reflection of the true state of our economy.

  2. tbnranch says:

    That’s why there are boarding stables! When you want a horse of your own I will find you the right one. 🙂

  3. Rita A. says:

    And there’s the ones who want a horse really bad and don’t have a place for it. WIsh I could get one.

  4. I tell you, if I had a bundle of cash (like many of them damn movie stars or sport folks) I’d open a sanctuary myself! Then each so called do gooder I contacted for support and was turned down by, I’d post their face online saying they were too concerned about their lavish lifestyle and refused to even give a dollar! I ain’t speaking of the average Joe here, but of those that role in dough and are willing to donate thousands to politicians (on both sides of the isle) who will end up making them even wealthier. Damn ’em all!

    • tbnranch says:

      Calm down friend, yer feathers are gettin’ in a bunch again… lol. You’re a good guy, thanks for showing you care.

      • I got my dander up just moments before. I just happen to be watching TV’s animal planet and Houston’s SPCA was on trying to save some horses. Sorry but I get all riled up at times when animals get short changed in life because of abusive owners.

  5. How sad. I hope the person who found the horse can take it in or find it another owner. Such a shame. I ADORE horses and this makes me so upset that one could be so callous.

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