Four Legged Thieves

Squirrels Have Their Place… Does it Have to be Mine?


There’s a small orange orchard nearby and the squirrels bring their groceries back to the ranch to enjoy. They carefully stash most of their edible finds under the hay pallets in the feed room.  Unfortunately, their designated place for trash is anywhere.  For whatever reason, it’s apparent the proper place to peel oranges is atop the block wall fence, then fling the peels five feet in every direction.

The grain containers in the hay room are plastic trash cans with lids, and the lottery tickets my squirrels are waiting to cash in on. Unless they’re chewing the lids for artistic value, I reckon their pay day is soon coming.

Rabbits often move into the hay room, mostly to have their babies. But squirrels consider them intruders and quickly evict them. Many times over I’ve seem moms carrying their baby bunnies one by one to a new area.

One of these days I’ll get under those hay pallets, and there’s just no telling what I’ll find. But I have a feeling it’s mostly food grown by neighboring growers.

5 thoughts on “Four Legged Thieves”

  1. Lets ask a man his thoughts on this. Someone who in his time;
    1) Faced down a group of Gangsta thugs all by himself…and won.
    2) Took a power boat to sea during a great gale alone to help rescue those on a sinking vessel.
    3) Took to a telephone pole in rural Ohio in 1983 during one of the coldest (-25 below) winter storms (55 mph winds) to connect his home to the electric service. What does he say about squirrels?
    Awww, but they look so cute!


  2. Dang squirrels chewed into my attic!!! What are they good for besides being food in the food chain?

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