Social Rank Achieved

Sizzle and Dominique hens

Jojo Joins the Free Range Hens

After two months of my new sizzle pullet living in the barn to avoid the pecking order battle ground, Jojo [left] joins the existing free range Dominique hens this morning. Finally! She will probably go back to the barn at sundown, her social rank won’t buy her a ticket to the hens coop, but this is at least a start.

Jojo is a month past the average for layng her first egg, it would be nice if she was allowed to lay in the same nest as the others hens. It will be interesting to see what my ladies decide. Until then… we wait.

Jojo, Sizzle Pullet / 6 months old

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3 thoughts on “Social Rank Achieved”

  1. Oh my goodness, she looks like she lost a fight with a hairdryer! Hopefully your other hens let her settle in and get comfy. Actually, now I’m intrigued by the Sizzles – off to go check them out. Not that I need any more chickens…

    1. Oh my yes…. check them out! They are the sweetest chickens ever. Small egg layers though, but they are sure nice to have around.

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