Beautiful Chicken Coops

A Cut Above

After seeing these lovely coops I went out and bought purple flowers and hung them on my coop. After all, my hens are ladies,  and I must admit, it was fun! Who knows where this will lead…  but I have a feeling the flowers are just the beginning.

Debra Prinzing
Davis Farm to School Connection
Chillin’ With My Peeps, Backyard Chickens

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch


16 thoughts on “Beautiful Chicken Coops”

  1. The first coop is the one that brought me to your site, a lucky find, BTW! If you ever find the plans for building this one I would love to see them, or even something similar that could be modified to look like this one! Thanks! ~ Lynda

  2. I hate to be considered ‘the norm’, but I have to agree with everyone else, love the first one. I’d live in a house like that, so maybe I’m not so normal after all. 🙂

  3. I keep dreaming of an art studio in the back yard. The first chicken coop would be wonderful, very inspiring. I’d even be willing to share it with a chicken or two but they aren’t allowed in my area.

  4. These coops look quite top-of-the-line! I would imagine that they would have fit right in in the TV show Green Acres. The character Lisa Douglas would have insisted that fancy chicken coops would make the chickens happy and make them lay more eggs!

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