Pepsi Pulls Sponsorship of Horse Show After Controversial Footage Airs

If you are under the impression that this is a natural gait for these horses, this post is to inform you otherwise.  Education is the best way to spread the word on these ridiculous and inhumane practices.  Public awareness is the first step, thank you Pepsi. 

Soft-drink giant Pepsi announced Thursday that it would no longer sponsor a national horse show, thanks to startling footage aired by ABC News of a horse in training. 

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By Sarah D. Bunting / Animal Nation

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7 Responses to Pepsi Pulls Sponsorship of Horse Show After Controversial Footage Airs

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  2. Mumsy says:

    I heard about this earlier today…makes me sick! I hope they can find all who mistreat these beautiful horses and stop this practice. Yeah!! for Pepsi!!

  3. i hate animal cruelty and good on Pepsi!

  4. PS. I wrote to Pepsi co. thanking them for pulling their sponsorship and encouraged them to lead the industry in investigating just what other events they and other companies blindly sponsor.

  5. If you remember, last summer I looked at an Amish trained buggy / saddle horse that was selling for a very reasonable in price. I was tempted until I was told Kerosine wrapped rags were used to cause burning pain after I asked the Amish fella, “How do you get them to gait like that?” Idiots!

  6. kford2007 says:

    this is disgusting. I hope he gets everything he deserves for this torture.

    • tbnranch says:

      I must admit this is over the top, and not all go to this extreme. But the thing to remember is that high stepping gait is in fact man made – and none of the ways to achieve this should be allowed.

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