Huge Snake in the Chicken Coop

Bull Snake

This desert dweller found its way into my chicken coop yesterday. Although I’m not a fan of snakes, this one is at least harmless to humans.The Bull Snake is considered a good snake in these parts because it eats rattle snakes.  I’m not sure if this creepy crawler is big enough to kill a chicken, but chicks and eggs are a certainty.  Looks like my aviary netting strangled it when it tried to crawl through it. I don’t like the thought of my netting killing anything, but I’m glad all my chickens are safe.

I learned one thing from this, I won’t be blindly reaching into the coop for eggs ever again!

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20 thoughts on “Huge Snake in the Chicken Coop”

      1. Hmmmm…as an Aussie I agree spiders aren’t great (yoo many poisonous ones there), and we even have a poisonous one here in New Zealand (an Aussie immigrant stowaway) but nah for me are worse. They’re bigger for one…usually more aggressive (at least at mating time) and they just look evil…think Harry Potter or Anaconda…

      1. Tall person used to keep snakes as pets so he is not afraid of them. There are big snakes on my mountain here but they are not poisonous, thank goodness!

  1. i so love snakes, so i’m sad it died, but i am glad your chickens are safe!

  2. Well, the one good thing that came out of this is that you will now be cautious when gathering those great tasting home grown eggs. Hugs

  3. I’ve heard just the smell of a snake can cause chickens to stop laying. Once inside a coop (yes they love eggs and chicks) they can cause the hens to panic. A hen house in panic usually leads to a few deaths and a lowered egg count.
    While it my eat rattlers it’s best never to get them near the coop. Not many rattlers are in your coop are there?
    I hate to see anything killed just doing what it’s supposed to be doing, in this case I wouldn’t shed too many tears…

    1. Tears of fear maybe… Well, you are right, one hen cleared out and moved to the barn. The others stayed and there are eggs this morning, yay! Thanks friend.

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