Polish Crested

Polish chickens are the most popular of the crested breeds.  They are sometimes described as the top hat chicken because of their extraordinary display of feathers on their head. They come in a variety of colors, and some show off their explosive feather hats in contrasting color to their body.

The Polish isn’t considered a cold hardy breed, but they fair quite well in excessive heat.  They confine well, are friendly, and docile. I’ve never had a Polish bully among the flock and I’ve had them at both ends of the pecking order. One nice quality of the Polish is they are very quiet.

Egg Laying
The Polish is classified as a fair layer, producing small eggs approx. twice a week.
I disagree! My Polish hens lay medium size eggs every other day, taking about a month off in the cooler months. They are a white egg layer.

Comb Type: V-Shape Comb
Crested: Yes
Feathered Legs: No
Number of Toes: 4
Setters/Broody: No

Hens: 4.5
Rooster: 6.0

Recognized varieties of bearded and non-bearded
Bearded: Black Crested White, White Crested Black.
Bearded & non-bearded: Golden, Silver, White, Buff Laced.

Purpose: Ornamental
Class: Continental
*ALBC Priority: Watch

Of very ancient origin, but from exactly where is merely a speculation.  One thing that everybody seems to agree on is they aren’t from Poland.

Where to Get the Polish Crested Chicken
They are usually only available from hatcheries in a *straight run. They can be ordered and shipped from Murray McMurray Hatchery usually between February & July. I’ve ordered many Polish Crested from them, they were shipped promptly and arrived safe. 🙂

If you want only pullets, check locally, I’ve hit the jackpot on Craig’s List more than once!

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch

* Straight Run: Not sexed
* ALBC: American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

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  1. I saw some of those at the San Diego County Fair. Never seen them before. They are so cool!

  2. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    They look so regal. Hugs

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