The Leghorn originated in Italy. The color varieties were developed in Great Britain, America, and Denmark. These birds are probably the best-known breed of chicken, and without a doubt produce the majority of the world’s white eggs.  Females weigh only about 4.5 pounds, and you can expect them to lay up to 300 eggs per year, especially if white.  Roosters weigh in at 5.5 to 6 pounds.

Leghorns are found in both single and rose comb forms and in a variety of colors including White, Buff, Silver, Red, Cuckoo, Mottled, and Brown.  The Browns are separated by dark and light. Their primary contribution is eggs, these birds are a poor choice as a meat bird, however, cockerels can be used as fryers for the dinner table.

These birds are non-setters, meaning they will lay their eggs and walk away. Most leghorns are hatched in an incubator. They are considered flighty and nervous and not particularly friendly, perhaps aloof is best described. The Leghorn bears confinement well and is cold hardy.
Point of lay is 20 weeks.

Note: Leghorns are prone to frostbite, but it can be avoided by applying petroleum jelly on their comb.

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