Chicago Hamburger Company, a Review

by amy elizabeth

Yesterday we drove 25 miles to a run down old neighborhood and ate at the Chicago Hamburger Co. in Phoenix, Arizona. They call their burgers sliders, after the famous White Castle fast food chain that stretches across the mid west.

I’m originally from Chicago and a huge fan of White Castle, so there’s no pulling the wool over my eyes… this is NOT a White Castle. But, we still drive all the way across town to this little shanty of a restaurant, cluttered with Chicago sports memorabilia plastered all over the walls.

It looks hot and cramped behind the counter where about half a dozen employees successfully feed an army – six days a week. If there is a place to sit you have a choice, cheap dining tables with even cheaper chairs, or booth seating. The booths are the lesser of two evils, but you’ll have to decide whether to sit in a sink hole or atop what feels like a sac of potatoes.

There’s a couple of old pinball machines for those lost in the past, but no money was spared on the flat screen TVs across the room. However, it isn’t the TV that interests me near as much as the unsightly rat nest of wires beneath it.

Maybe the Chicago Hamburger Co. is a dump, but people line up outside the door in 110+ degrees to eat there. The service is impeccable, everything on the menu is great, and it’s served fast and hot, always. Above all, what’s most important is they have the best dang knock-off sliders in town!

It just goes to show, you make a good product and people will come – no matter what.

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Coming to Phoenix? Be sure to put the Chicago Hamburger Co. on your travel agenda!

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch


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4 Responses to Chicago Hamburger Company, a Review

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    It’s the quality of the food that counts!

  2. You know me and food! Some of the best places are hole in the wall greasy spoons!!!
    Here’s another hidden diamond, just off Estella Parkway by I-10 in Goodyear. If you’ve never had this guys BBQ then you are missing some of the best ever made. Their pulled pork is unbelievable!!! Their ribs to die for!
    15560 Roosevelt St
    Ste 104B
    Goodyear, AZ 85338
    (623) 327-9700
    Don’t pay much attention to the negative comments either, they were made by their competitors. Call first to make sure they’re open because when they were located in Buckeye on E Monroe st. they were only opened a few days a week. Two forks up!!!

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