Hiking or Death Wish?

Sunday afternoon I drove through Echo Canyon just to see if anybody was crazy enough in 112 degees to tackle one of Phoenix’s most difficult mountain climbs. Camelback Mountain is not just a hike, it’s a strenuous climb in an unforgiving terrain that is not at all for the inexperienced. As you can see, yes, this lady was headed up the mountain at 3 pm  in the hottest part of the day – with that teeny hydration pack on her back. AND, it doesn’t look to me like she’s been on any fitness magazine covers lately… or ever.

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I took the Camelback Mountain challenge once, only once. It took me about 15 minutes to get myself in a total jam. There I sat, on a ridiculously steep incline that I had no business taking my athletic shortcomings to in the first place. It was easy going up, but getting down, well, that was a whole different story.  Luckily, a sure footed bionic woman on her decent from probably the top of the mountain offered me a hand. Never again… I thought. Now I’m quite content taking pictures from the comfort of my air conditioned car. 🙂

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10 Responses to Hiking or Death Wish?

  1. I hope the lady made it back safely…looks like she is alone.

  2. I’m not climbing any mountains, but I love Arizona and I love the heat. I’ll be in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area for work in two weeks, then Flagstaff/Prescott in four weeks. Looking forward to my desert fun. 🙂 Of course when I’m done, I always come back to my cool Pirate ship in San Diego, so I’ve got that going for me.

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    I hope the silly lady was ok. I don’t understand why people risk their lives in such a cavalier fashion.

  4. Rita A. says:

    Doug was stuck up on Camelback Mountain as a teen. He and his friend had to be airlifted down.
    They made the news in Denver and his dad who he’d had no contact with saw it. Small world.
    As for me? Never.

  5. We did that climb about five years ago… before my legs were stove up. It was tough going and we did it in a cool month. Never again thank you!
    BTW My friend Mike in Queen Creek sent me a camera picture of his digital outdoor thermometer yesterday… 122 in the shade! He said this is his last summer down there as he’s moving his company to San Diego because of the heat.
    My grand daughter had a track meet when we were there near Indian School Road. It hit 104 yet the meet went on. The kids looked more dead than alive… One kid walked the entire race just so they had someone in it. (he automatically took third place as there were only 3 people in that run. Smart kid!)

  6. ha i would love to try but not in that kind of heat!! maybe fall weather!

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