Rolled Oats for Chickens

I’m often asked if it’s okay to feed chickens rolled oats (the kind you buy for horses,) and the answer is yes. In fact, I recommend it! Oats are a good carbohydrate source, aren’t a hot feed, and aid in feather growth during the moulting season.

How I Feed my Free Roaming Hens

Rolled oats are rich in protein and essential fatty acids, add some greens hard boiled eggs and you have an excellent chicken feed. I supplement with kitchen scraps when they’re available and offer layer pellets for at least an hour or so morning and early evening.

You can cover the lay pellets with a trash container in between feedings to minimize waste. It’s not our job to feed the wild birds!

Keep a covered bowl in the refrigerator just for chicken scraps, it fills up fast making a very nice meal for your birds. Chickens do very well on a varied diet, you can be penny wise and still have healthy happy chickens.

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