Are You Overprotecting your Dog with Yearly Vaccines?

I think most dog owners have wondered at one time or another if yearly vaccines were an extreme measure in the prevention of K-9 disease. We all get constant reminders from our veterinarians that vaccines are needed, but are they really? I don’t think so, and just for the record… the last 9 years of my 36 year career in the pet industry was in a veterinary hospital.

I believe that veterinarians are dedicated to caring for our pets, but, don’t forget for one minute that veterinary practices are a business. A business I might add that makes a substantial profit from administering vaccines.

I think we over immunize our dogs, and as long as I’m sticking my two cents in… I believe some vaccines aren’t necessary at all. We all want to do right by our dogs, so I think it’s time we learn more about immunizations and make well informed decisions regarding our adult dog’s health and well being.

That is not just an opinion, the  American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) says, “Following initial puppy vaccinations, re-vaccination is recommended at intervals of every 3 years or longer.”

There is a simple test called a Titer, it’s a blood test that measures the concentration of specific antibodies. If the Titer shows sufficient immunity there is no need to booster. I’ve had my dog Titer tested twice now in the last four years and the test still shows sufficient immunity. This test is available at your veterinary hospital.

Note: Rabies vaccine is a mandatory, but you have a say in all the other vaccines… I hope you’ll do your homework.

Learn how to protect your adult dog from routine yearly vaccines. Also, below are a few links to help you decide and better understand what’s best for your dog.

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4 Responses to Are You Overprotecting your Dog with Yearly Vaccines?

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    great post. I don’t worry to much about vaccines…here in NZ there is no rabies and as for the rest I think if you keep your animal healthy that does just as much. I have heard horror stories of animals with cancer in between the shoulders (therefore inoperable) that they now think comes from these very vaccines. If I do get a vaccine it will in future always be in the leg

  2. Great post! My kids were already vaccinated when I brought them home, and I take them to the vet anytime they have issues, which thankfully has not been a problem. I get reminders all the time to rev-vaccinate them, but as they live on a boat, never get into anyplace that might have fleas, ticks, etc, no other pets come aboard, and they are always clean, comfortable and well fed, I don’t really feel the need to vaccinate. It’s just the three of us knocking around this big boat, and we’re all pretty healthy and happy. 🙂

    • tbnranch says:

      Keep in mind your feline ship mates can get diseases without ever having contact with other animals. Your shoes go places that can bring nasty stuff home… or visitors. Every 3 years or so is a good rule of thumb to booster. You can vaccinate the kitties yourself, walgreens or a feed store carry feline combo shots. Youtube can surely show you how. EZ!

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