Five Creatures Deadly to Humans

Five Killer Creatures: Surprisingly Deadly Animals

There are countless animals on this planet that can cause harm to humans, but some of the deadliest may not be those you expect. Forget great white sharks, which kill very few people. Forget lions, tigers and bears. Here are five creatures you should really fear, either because of the sheer number of deaths they cause or their sneaky tactics… Read article

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Credit:  Live Science Staff


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9 Responses to Five Creatures Deadly to Humans

  1. Very Informative – Oh My – WOW! Thanks for sharing and I appreciate you stopping by My Journal of Paise and liking posts.

  2. Jo Bryant says:

    elephants…really ? wow

  3. Crap! And I just ordered a herd of elephants to entertain my cobra’s. I’d write more but my pet scorpions want to go take a dip in the ocean but I told them they have to wait until the box jellyfish calm down a bit. So I’ll take them for a walk in the mosquito marsh instead.

  4. bulldogsturf says:

    I have been through the lists and I find it interesting that the HIppo is not included, the thing kills more than the elephant in this country… love share though thanks..

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