Pony Vaccines, Same Dosage?

Louie, 1/2 Shetland Pony / 1/2 Mini

I’ve had horses all of my adult life and I haven’t questioned myself for a very long time concerning which vaccines to administer and when they are needed… but, I never had a pony before. I’m on new territory, and being it’s Fall and time to vaccinate, I turned to my very good friend Google for advice. My question was if a pony gets the same vaccine dosage as a full size horse. After much research from the many reputable sites I trust, the answer to my question was unanimous … YES, a pony does indeed get the same dosage as a full size horse.

So here we go, another battle with my little Louie. He’s been on the ranch for 3 months and it took a month just to be able to catch him. He’s a handful for virtually anything that requires handling. I have earned his trust slowly and can now spray him with fly spray, brush him, and my biggest accomplishment, the big bad paste wormer. But I must say, sticking him with a needle is definitely not something I’m looking forward to!

The farrier also has a few complaints I’m sure. He’s been here twice to trim Louie’s hooves…the first time was unsuccessful, the second time a week later took an hour. But it’s done, nothing bad happened and hopefully next time my little devil Louie will be more accepting.  Louie is 12 years old and obviously hasn’t been handled much. But with a lot of PATIENCE, I know he will acquire all the manners expected of him. It just takes the one thing I have plenty of… time.  Oh, did I mention I’m still unemployed? lol

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch

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7 Responses to Pony Vaccines, Same Dosage?

  1. It’s good for Louie that you are unemployed because it sounds like he needs you. You can keep a close watch on him after you give him the shots to make sure he doesn’t have a reaction. He looks lovable to me but I guess looks can be deceptive! Where did you get him?

    • tbnranch says:

      Louie in his younger days was one of those ponies you see at carnivals going round and round in a circle with a a paying customer on his back. After that he was turned out to pasture and I’m pretty sure just ignored. A friend of mine bought him for her five year old son… Louie had other plans. I bought him as a companion for my burro, Louie is quite happy to be retired and I’m fine with that, but that doesn’t mean there are no rules. He will learn to have manners and respect me for what I provide him. Everybody has a job around here [except me, ha ha] and Louie’s is to be grateful companion.

      • Ahh, I think the carnival background explains his behavior. I googled Shetlands and minis and they’re supposed to have good personalities. He must have been abused. How long does this breed live to be?

      • tbnranch says:

        A long time, under ideal circumstances Lou could live to reach 25 years old. That bay horse smiling in my ranch animals post is 31 years old and still trail riding. The while horse is 24! Lou is just a youngster! Now, Beamer the donkey has a much longer lifespan… 40 is average.

  2. Hey! I thought you had the job! Booo on them! I think your stories are fun to read. The love you show for your animals come right on through by the way you word things. 🙂

    • tbnranch says:

      Thanks friend, you made me smile. And NO, I didn’t get the job. I think I’m finally beginning to take the hint…. maybe it really is time to step aside and retire from the pet industry

      • Wow, I misread the last word! I swear it said ‘pet cemetery’! I must have dyslexia! Anyway, I’m glad you’re not involved with Steven King books!

        What are you thinking of doing then? Maybe it’s time to start enjoying life without worrying about work. I mean it’s gonna be that way someday, might as well be now?

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