Urban Art


This property is a 15 acre vacant parcel that has been for sale for years. It’s located in an unrestricted semi-rural territory of Phoenix, and just so happens to be my neighborhood. If it were my property I would call it vandalism, but it’s not, so it’s art. I wonder what it means, if anything. Was it done by one person or was it a group effort?

The wall will someday be painted, but I’ll always know there’s a mystery beneath the fresh new canvas.

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch

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4 Responses to Urban Art

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by street art. This is a very interesting piece! 🙂

  2. tbnranch says:

    Geez, especially if it’s nice, why not keep it? This one here isn’t exactly beautiful but it is interesting!

  3. kford2007 says:

    Not far from my home is a business that does something with rocks. As it’s located on the rail line, I think they load the rocks/gravel on the cars. Anyway, there was a wall and a fence in front of the business to keep people from trespassing at night. For the longest time it was just a dingy old white wall. Then one day I drove by there on my way to my son’s school and someone had painted it during the night. It had a beautiful sky blue background with seagulls and flamingos and palm trees. It was really, really a beautiful Florida scene and it made me happy driving by it. In the paper the next day there was an article about the painting as well as the business owner’s intentions to paint over it. So many residents wrote letters and called the company asking them to keep it, that they did. About 8 months ago, however, they painted over this really pretty piece of art. Now it’s back to an old, dingy white wall. I wish they’d left the grifiti.

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