Winter Grass Grief

In Phoenix you can have a green lawn all winter. However, as cooler temperatures approach, the summer grass turns brown and goes dormant till around March. So every October if you want a pretty green lawn you have to plant what we call winter or rye grass.

The only grassy area on the ranch is about 1/4 acre, all that means to me this time of year is I’ve got to scrape up $300+ for grass seed, mulch, and top cover. If I don’t, all winter the dogs will drag mud into the house when the January rains come.

Once again we managed to find the $300 and the winter grass is planted. Now I get to watch flocks of a billion wild birds feast on the seeds all day long. I’ve tried everything from hanging shinny pie tins and Cd’s, to automatic sprinklers and creepy scare crows. I put my dog on full time bird watch, she did a great job chasing them away for about a day… then said heck with it, and quit.

Every year the same thing, buy grass seed, feed the birds. buy grass seed, feed more birds… good grief, if only I had a money tree.

Any suggestions or solutions ? Please share in the comment box below! Thanks.

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch


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amy elizabeth, writer, author, antique dealer. Lives in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert on a small hobby farm.
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6 Responses to Winter Grass Grief

  1. This is why we do wood chips instead of grass!

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    There is a product we always bought to cover the area till the seed had taken it wasn’t very expensive and we used it over and over… I will get back to you with the name… the other simple thing is a two litre plastic coke bottle… with small mirrors that spins in the wind I think I’ve seen it on the internet.. again will find it and get back to you…

  3. Ma’am! Either get yourself a big old plastic owl from lowes or Home Depot (or online, less than $15 at each)! Touch up the crappy paint job and paint on a nice big bright yellow beak, eyeballs and long wicked looking claws on it. Or get yourself a stuffed Bobcat. I’ve found either works pretty well from keeping the birds away. Just make sure your chickens can’t see it.

    • tbnranch says:

      I have the owl… they don’t care. Stuffed bobcat sounds like a hard find don’t ya think? lol

      • campfireshadows says:

        Not if you live here! LOL
        My son served up Bobcat to his family a few months back. When asked how they liked the dinner they all agreed it was very good. He stuffed the bobcat 🙂
        PS. it had gotten into his chicken coop and killed every one of them. Paybacks a bitch!
        Does your owl look real? Birds have great eyesight and can discern a phony owl, that’s why I said to paint it. I had two that I put up on the ocean front condo I worked at. One on one end the other at the other end. Ocean front condo’s are prone to sea hawks, pigeons, sea birds and even eagles. The owls worked awesome but only after a life like paint job. Good luck 🙂

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