Arizona Hay Prices and Quality

Shop the Arizona Hay Market, see a list of who’s selling what and for how much.

Prices are down in the Valley, but they may rise during the winter months. There are a few hay retailers selling good quality hay at a much better price than earlier this year. It might be a good time to stock up for winter now.

I have been very happy with C&H Hay Barn in Phoenix & Cave Creek, good prices and quality. I’ve been shopping there for 10 years and I’ve never been disappointed. Right now their prices for Alfalfa is $13.99 & Bermuda, also $13.99.

It pays to shop around, just down the road is Western Ranchman who is charging $14.50 for alfalfa, and $17.95 for Bermuda!  Do your homework, shop the Arizona Hay Market 

amy elizabeth, TBN Ranch


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amy elizabeth, writer, author. Lives in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert on a small hobby farm. Raises laying hens.
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