Good Ideas Quad Chicken Coop, a Review

I don’t see a good idea here for a chicken coop, I see a $249 big pain in the butt bad idea that’s hardly an upgrade from a $60 dog crate. The Good Ideas Quad Chicken Coop could be used as a nesting area I suppose, but it’s sure not something I would close birds in at night… or ever.  If you should find a use for this coop, let’s not forget that you’re going to need a run, or fenced in area, materials to lift the coop off the ground, and if you’re expecting an indoor convenient spot for food and water… there ain’t one.  So plan on spending a lot of money for this coop to be at best, marginally functional.

If a tornado should land this coop in your yard, I suppose you could find a use for it as a nesting box for four chickens. But since this is highly doubtful, I recommend looking further for suitable chicken housing that isn’t going to nickle and dime you to death in order for it to be useful.

Good Ideas Quad Chicken Coop

12 thoughts on “Good Ideas Quad Chicken Coop, a Review”

  1. if this was cheaper i would buy it as an extra space to put in the run but not for $200 maybe if it was $60 it could make a decent secondary space

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  3. I do not own chickens or know anything about raising them, but even I know this is a big no no! Actually because of your blog I would love to have chickens but we live in the city so alas no chickens… 😦 They are so cute.

    1. And I’ve just gone onto the website and it actually looks like a chemical camping toilet when it is shut.
      Also, I wonder if the poor hen who is modelling the coop realises that she is being used to dupe her fellow chickens.
      Thanks for giving me some fun, although at some chicken’s expense.

    2. Yep, I’m sure… the company even promotes this thing on youtube. If you go to their website they have a lengthy product description too. But NO customer reviews… imagine that? ha ha

  4. Stupid, stupid concept. Nesting, living, laying – nothing would work. It’s not even gorgeous like an eggloo and that might at a pinch work for one or two hens.

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