Best and Worst Heat Tolerant Chickens

Most chicken keepers are more concerned about cold tolerant breeds. But if you live in the Sonoran desert, the scorching heat is by far a bigger problem.  Before you order your Spring chicks keep in mind these three breeds for heat hardiness. They’ve proved to me over and over to be the real survivors of the flock.

• Ameraucana
• Dominique  (Best of heavy breeds)
• Polish

Heavy birds are harder to keep in hot weather, especially if they are confined. They may survive, but heat stress does effect egg production. However, it’s not always just heavy breeds I find intolerant. These are the breeds I’ve had the least success with in extreme temperatures of 110 – 117.

• Orpington
• Leghorn
• Rhode Island

I’ve eliminated the Rhode Islands from my flock not because they don’t survive the heat… they absolutely do. However, they become extremely agitated in brutal heat and all the other members of the flock pay the price. This breed may lay all summer without interruption, but they can sure disrupt the harmony of a flock when they are uncomfortable in high temperatures.

In my opinion, the real trooper in the worst weather conditions is the Ameraucana, and they’re good layers too! But don’t pick this breed if your looking for a pal, this is the loser breed as far as I’m concerned! The perfect word describing this breed is ALOOF.

The Ameraucana, or often called the Easter Egger lays blue/green eggs, and you can expect approximately four medium-large eggs per week.

Learn more about the Ameraucana.

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6 Responses to Best and Worst Heat Tolerant Chickens

  1. ‘Aloof’ for sure! My Ameraucanas are total drama queens, anytime I pick them up (after much chasing around the chicken yard) they scream their heads off, and I mean scream! And they don’t stop until I put them back down after which we are both completely ‘ruffled’ 😉

    • tbnranch says:

      At least you can catch yours! I can’t get near mine, all the others drop to the ground when I’m near them I just pick them up! Weird.

  2. shadowlilies says:

    That’s good to know, since I’ve ordered my Ameraucana chicks and the temperatures last summer were brutal. I sure hope we aren’t going to have another scorcher this year.

  3. bulldog says:

    Interesting facts once again… thanks…

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