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This picture lured me to this fun blog … once again.   But there’s more! Lots more, Heritage and Trail Cooking is packed with country recipes and trail cooking, but it’s also written with humor and a western flair of the best sort… real!

JW Edward’s latest post about Old Sayings and where they came from. Enjoy!

More by JW Edwards: Campfire Shadows
Live Readings: http://www.soundcloud.com/campfireshadows

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6 Responses to Heritage and Trail Cooking,TBN’S Featured Blog in a Series

  1. I wish I had been the original author of these facts but I’m not. As a student of history, I’ve seen variations of this article over the years. I tried my best to find the original author but all I have found is pieces and parts by different writers. It may be a consolidation of numerous writings. I thought it was a great look into the origin of some of our favorite sayings. JW

  2. Ingrid says:

    JW outdid himself on this one. Even hubby wants me to print it out. Its cold and snowy in CO. Wish I was still in Phx 🙂

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