Two Classy Chicken Coops

Tuff Shed Chicken Coop


Two ideas for a new chicken coop, one small, one big… decisions, decisions!

If I get another year from my existing coop I’ll be lucky. I’ve written a million articles on buying chicken coops and pretty soon it’s my turn to actually purchase one. So far, I’m leaning towards the coop built by Tuff Shed, it looks roomy and built to last. That’s important, one thing I’ve learned is you get what you pay for. There’s no point in penny pinching, you’re not saving a dime you have to buy a coop twice! Like me.

For a smaller flock this one below is cute, although it has definite possibilities on my farm as a place to start young birds. Or for isolated birds? Just a thought I’d share…

Briar Extended Chicken Coop & Frame Run
Learn more HERE about pricing, details and construction of this pretty coop.

Briar Chicken Coop House Frame Run, Red

NICE!  Comes in Red or Green


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7 Responses to Two Classy Chicken Coops

  1. shadowlilies says:

    Love the coops…both of them. Love the look of the smaller one…so cute! The bigger one is nice because you don’t have to bend over to clean it or get eggs, etc. Does it have a ramp? I’m excited for you…hard decision, I’m sure… 🙂

    • tbnranch says:

      I don’t know about the ramp, they build to suit and I want it lower by about half. There must be a ramp included right? ha ha

  2. The Tuff Shed one looks nice and roomy. I have 3 coops. The first one that they quickly grew out of (my lack of knowledge), the main coop and a maternity coop. Lot’s of fun choosing.

  3. kford2007 says:

    I love the second one the most. I’m thinking of getting a couple of chickens. My yard is quite small. Any suggestions? Also, do you use diatomaceous earth to help cut down on odors and to add trace minerals to your birds’ food? i was wondering if it works.

    • tbnranch says:

      I don’t use diatomaceous earth, I clean twice a day. No poop, no odor! I only have a few confined birds, so clean up is easy. The birds that roam the farm… I guess the poop just disappears! ha ha
      I don’t add trace minerals, I feed layer pellets, fresh greens and table scraps.

      Make sure you buy a coop that is bigger than you need, and don’t buy cheap. If your going to keep 2 or 3 birds, buy a coop that houses 6-8. You want happy hens that are easy to keep clean.

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