Costco Chicken Coop, a Review

costco chicken coop

As a rule, I find Costco merchandise topnotch, but not this time. Costco has failed chicken keeping 101… in so many ways.

A Phoenix Costco has jumped on the urban chicken keeping bandwagon, selling this coop for $279.  That’s a lot of money for this poorly designed flimsy wood structure with cheap hardware.

Size matters in Phoenix! This coop will house 2 chickens, but it will also bake them alive in our excessive heat by dinner time.

Why it Fails my Approval

• Next boxes haven’t a lip on the edge, bedding kicked out results in broken eggs.
• All the doors are really small making access difficult.
• Roofing material is a poor choice, especially for Phoenix.
• Roost is narrow and too low.
• Hardware is cheap & used sparingly, doors will likely warp.


So back to the drawing board friends, and happy coop hunting… elsewhere.

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17 thoughts on “Costco Chicken Coop, a Review”

  1. I saw this same coop in Tractor Supply here in Louisiana last week. It housed a large stuffed chicken. My kids wanted to buy it for our chickens (all 9 of them). I told them the only thing it was good for was the stuffed chicken toy.

  2. They sold that coop at my Costo in Colorado for only $170! And they sold out FAST… less than 1 week. Also stated good for 4 birds! I think it would work great for a rabbet hutch, but not as a chicken coop.

  3. That looks just like the coop I saw at Cal Ranch, and thought the same things, even if heat isn’t so much a problem in Idaho, the other things surely apply.

  4. I would add, that coop wouldn’t stand a chance against any determined predators. We just lost two hens and our coop within a coop is a fortress. Not to a badger. Agreed on your review, that is a seriously flawed (and expensive!) coop.

    1. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your hens! Gosh, you’re right about predators… that is something I overlooked! Here in Phoenix that just isn’t on my list of priorities. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ugh! If you hadn’t written this and I saw this piece of crap I’d have written it! I don’t believe this is an actual chicken coop. If it had 1/2 screen mesh bottom and legs it would be a rabbit hutch… and a poor one at that.
    Whoever designed this for sure does not know chickens and it has the appearance of a redesigned hutch . If it were quadrupled in size with larger access doors and designed to have a fenced yard around it, it might suffice . Gad, talk about a cruel cage!

      1. Ha ha ha ha ha. Like you, no basement or attic to store stuff, single car attached garage barely holds washer/dryer shelves, fridge, freezer, bicycles, garbage cans etc etc etc

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