Eggs, Fresh… or Not?

You might be surprised to learn fresh eggs from the grocery store are not so fresh. As a matter of fact, they are likely weeks old. Of course, even our own homegrown farm eggs can sit in the refrigerator too long and freshness is compromised. But there’s a sure way to tell the age of an egg.  Here’s how…

TBN Ranch Hardboild Farm Eggs
Our too many farm eggs, hard-boiled for egg salad sandwiches!

Specific Changes Occur to an Aged Egg

At the large end of the egg there is an air pocket about an 1/8 deep and approximately as large around as a dime. As an egg ages it loses both moisture and carbon dioxide causing the egg to shrink and the size of the air space to increase.  By placing an egg in water the size of that airspace determines the buoyancy of the egg – and it’s freshness.

Here’s a Visual on How to Determine an Egg’s Age…

Heritage and Trail Cooking posted this informative article about how to determine the freshness of an egg. A test you can do at home to tell if your eggs are fresh, a week old, 3 weeks, or expired.  Read Article


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